Here Comes The Bantu (black African Nationalities Treaty Union) Confederacy

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE
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Go tell Mr. ‘One Nigeria under Fulani’, to quickly change his beat to ‘One Nigeria under God’, or indigenous Bantu people will leave him and his fellow invasive, expansionist people to their own devious devices outside the boundaries of Bantu ancestral territories.

Ndi Igbo are agitating to leave. The Yoruba are now agitating to leave too. Soon our South-South ‘bredrins and sistrens’ will start their own agitations. Finally, the Middle-Belt will join suit once the South-South agitations gather steam.

My prognosis is that if Fulani expansionists continue in their present invasive path, Nigeria will indeed break up to reconstitute soon thereafter once the coast is clear, because the ties that bind Nigerians are deeper and bigger than the linguistic barriers that separate them.

Once the invasive Fulani expansionist cancer that threatens to consume Nigerians is eradicated, there will be new, re-negotiated geopolitical re-alignments based on equity, fair-play, healthy competition, and self-determination at all levels. Mark those words.

Driven by the undeniable benefits of a massive common market, a new re-negotiated, confederation of self-governing, self-accountable, self-reliant, mutually respectful, BANTU (Black African Nationalities Treaty Union) ethnic nation-states, will rise in Nigeria's place.

In that new confederation of South-south, Middle Belt, South- east and South-west geopolitical regions, populated by people who share a common regard for equity, justice, fair play, self-accountability, self-enterprise, and respect for private property rights, regardless of ethnic origin, self-governance will be key. The center will be weak, charged only with issues of external defense plus foreign policy and dependent solely on Federal tax earned from the nation-states, province-states, corporate entities,and private individuals.

The structure I foresee, going down from apex to base, will range from a. confederation (new), b. treaty nation-states (current geopolitical regions, for convenience), c. province-states (current states or new ones), and finally, d. local governments (current or new).

The weak Presidency I foresee at the center, shall be rotational. Power shall reside at the treaty nation-state level, where some may opt for presidential system and others for parliamentary system, etc.

In the Bantu Confederacy, freedom of choice will be keyincluding freedom of worship, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of enterprise, freedom to rent, buy, sell, hold, own, or otherwise lawfully maintain property.

But there will be no freedom for invasive expansionism and certainly no freedom to disobey extant laws made by individual member states for the public good, and particularly for the good of their own citizens.

All local resources will be owned by any of the four equity treaty nations and more precisely the exact localities in which they are found. Most laws will be locally legislated and locally administered.

Each equity treaty-nation shall have its own strong police force and strong national guard force. The national army, navy, and air force, equitably open to all Bantu citizens shall be barred from acting locally in any treaty member nation, unless it is explicitly invited by that treaty nation to intervene in an emergency. Its sole focus shall be to thwart external aggression.

The drums of separation are loudly beating thanks to Fulani expansionism. Terrorized indigenous people who Buhari's 'One Nigeria under Fulani' policy has failed so miserably to grant protection, will soon start dancing to the beats of the new alternative Bantu Confederacy that promises to better secure them.

Let the invasive Fulani expansionists continue in their arrogant terroristic march down south. They will soon be pushed back and left alone with the Hausa and the Kanuri, who know how best to tame them. Like I have always said, not all Fulani are expansionist, but all invasive expansionists in Nigeria, are Fulani.

The door shall be left open to non-expansionist Fulani, who so wish, to emigrate and become citizens of the Bantu Confederacy, provided they swear allegiance to, and obey the laws of their immediate localities.

Although rooted in deep-seated African cultures, the Bantu Confederacy shall be non-racist, non-discriminatory, and non-exclusionary to one and all, provided they comport themselves peacefully and appropriately.

The Fulani expansionists have cooked for us. It is now time for us to start cooking for them.

Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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