Another Grand Conspiracy By Governor Darius Ishaku To Wipe Tiv Out Of Takum Local Government Area Of Taraba State

Security And Tiv People Should Beware And Be At Alert!
By John Akevi
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A cloudy sky foretells the rain. The warning signs are flashing bright red.

As law abiding people, we write to draw the attention of the security agencies, particularly the Army, Police, Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps, Air Force, the Department of State Security and to alert the Tiv people of Taraba State for alleged plans by Governor Darius Ishaku and Jukun militia to invade and attack Tortsee, Amadu, New-Gboko, Tor Ikyegba, Imande-Ade, Demavaa, Abiyem, Tseem, Gbundu, Adu, Imande Atsanger, Peva, Sai, Abako, and other Tiv settlements in Takum LGA as part of their ethnic cleansing agenda.

It has been alleged that heavily armed Jukun militia and mercenaries are being mobilized for the execution of this diabolic attack on the Tiv people in those areas.

The source said, right now Governor Darius Ishaku and his Luciferean cabal are in Takum mobilizing and coordinating the evil activities.

According to the source, Ishaku have also hired mercenaries from the Republic of Cameroun and are being camped and train at Shibon and Yukuben areas of Takum LGA in preparation for the attack.

The source also said, about Twenty (20) Hilux vans have already been painted with army colors to decieve the general public when the operation begins.

The Governor also dolled out hundreds of millions of naira through his inglorious partner in perfidy, Mr. Shiban Tikari, Chairman of Takum LGA to carry out the operation.

Though, we have not been able to verify this allegation, however we are constrained to state that there is some element of truth in this given that in time past, such similar allegations have been level against Governor Ishaku but was dismissed at the detriment of our people when Tse Juku in Donga LGA was attacked.

Again a similar threats have been issued on Tiv communities in Wukari LGA some time this year by the Chairman of Wukari LGA, Adi Grace with the Jukun militia eventually, executing the threats leaving behind sorrow, anguish, condemnation and lamentations.

From the foregoing, we cannot at this point wave aside any bit of information regarding threats by Jukun people to continue with their Luciferean, Jezebelic and satanic agenda.

It is on account of this that we are calling on the security agencies to step up surveillance with a view to forestalling attack on Tiv settlements.

We are also appealing to the security operatives to swing into action and carry out a thorough investigation around Takum metropolis, Shibon, Yukuben, Bete, Kashimbila, Fete, Sufa, Bibi, Malumshi, Chanchaji, Rafin Kada as well as Wukari, Donga and Ibi.

Also we wish to call on Tiv people who are resident in some flash-points in the state to be on the watch out and assist the security agencies by reporting suspicious movement within their vicinities to relevant authorities for necessary action.

We must however avoid giving false information that would cause anxiety, panic and may lead to unnecessary breakdown of law and order.

Signed :
Citizen John Akevi, For:
Movement For The Emancipation Of Tiv Taraba