Mama Sarah Obama Was A Very Level Headed Matriarch

By Alexander Opicho - Lodwar, Kenya
Late Mama Sarah Obama
Late Mama Sarah Obama

Mama Sarah Obama, the step-mother to the former US president , Barrack Obama has just passed on. She did not succumb to Covid-19 related complications. According to Sheikh Musa , the family cleric, Mama Sarah has been sick for a long time, she has thus died of long illness at the age of 99. She died on 29th March 2021, at the former Russian Hospital in Kisumu Town. Mama Sarah , a third wife to the late Hussein Obama, President Obama's father is to be buried on 30th March 2020 at home in Kogelo, Siaya County in Western Kenya.The cleric has also averred that, Mama Sarah's burial ceremony will observe Islamic and covid-19 burial regulations

Mama Sarah has to be remembered for her level headed approach to issues in managing family affairs. It was her calm approach to issues that preserved decorum in family relations during Barrack Obama's presidency. Otherwise it is usually not easy for a woman to excel above dynamics of polygamy to make sober decisions in relation to the step son or daughter. But for Mama Sarah she was so exemplary in dealing with this social snare.She dealt with it without being thrasonical as most of other Kenyans would have been by breaking down into a wild spree of self-praisal on very small success. The world is bound to remember Mama Sarah for her calmness and sense of decence in managing a family threatened by politics and selfish manoeuvres that come and go with polygamy.

Alexander Opicho writes from Lodwar, Kenya.