"you Can No Longer Intimidate Us With Security Agents, Courts", Pdp Tells Apc.

Source: Mbam Ogodo, Abakaliki.
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The People’s Democratic Party(PDP), yesterday told the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) that it would resist every intimidation from it maintaining that the era of using security agents and every other means including the courts to intimidate them was over.

National Vice Chairman, South East of the PDP, Chief Ali Odefa stated this during the party’s meeting in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state capital following the defection of its dissolved SWC to the All Progressives Congress(APC).

Chief Odefa said that the South East is completely PDP and that the victory of the party at the just concluded Aba North/South federal constituency bye-election is a confirmation of that.

“As you know, south east is PDP. The only Governor they have in south east was stolen from the backyard; in Imo, they used court to steal that one from us. Of course, Ebonyi, only him defected. So, our party is on ground.

“The era of intimidation is gone. Police cannot intimidate us, they cannot use SSS against us, they will not use the court against us. We will resist all these their dictatorial tendencies and they are already tired. We will continue to uphold the principles and core values of our party, don’t be afraid.

“We are not in a shouting match, it is those people that are talking, they are shouting. We are on the drawing board; we are planning, we are calculating, we are reaching out to people and the result is what you just saw that happened in Aba, Abia State on Saturday. Politics is not shout shout, talk talk. We are not noise makers, we are focused.

“Haven’t you seen now that the people who were originally not part of us have left? We are all happier together now. The embittered ones have left our party now and we now know how many we are and we the party is happier and we move forward.

“Everybody here I can assure you are the people that can win elections in their places. You cannot go to Ivo local government where Senator Anyim Pius Anyim is from and you will say you will win there. In Onicha local government, we are there in Onicha local government, Hon. Linus is from Onicha local government, Ifeanyi Chuks is from Onicha local government. It is a simple Mathematics. Politics is not shouting; I will crush you, I will grind you. No, we have gone beyond that era.

“I want to encourage you, do not be intimidated. Ali can not come back to Abakaliki, Ali cannot come back to Abakaliki, is this not Ali? I am the supreme leader of pepper them gang, they can’t do anything. Do not be afraid, call your meetings, mobilize your people, call your meetings, secure your meetings, they won’t do nothing, they are frustrated, they are on their way to APGA. One advantage you have over them is that in our party, we will democratize the process of primaries in our own party. Everybody will have level playing field to contest our primaries”, he told the members.