Terminating The Cow Pandemic: Exit Free Grazing (efg) . Opc Endorses Anti-Open Grazing In Yorubaland

By The Nigeria Voice
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PREAMBLE: A Most Current Provocation
Just when one thought that some deluded trading elements in the nation were being brought to their senses, especially after:

(i) the meeting of governors which unanimously endorsed the imperative of cattle ranching for the nation and

(ii) heart-to-heart talks between southern governors and a notorious unit of the cattle cartel, the nation was treated to the discordant voice from the gubernatorial ranks. That voice insisted on the right of cattle herders to carry weapons of mass elimination.

Not to be left out, the opportunist spokesmen of that same indicted group, the Myetti Allah, instantly latched onto this new blood transfusion for their infamous blood-letting mission. They have renewed their rejection of the rights of governors to pass laws for the peaceful cohabitation of business entrepreneurs in whatever commodity. We need only take this on board with the Bauchi governor’s declaration that the nation’s landed property is open field for any land grabber, of which the AK-47 is the only arbiter. This makes it obvious that there is an agenda afoot well beyond mere cattle rearing. The rest of the nation had better sit up and come to terms with a demonic challenge.

The initiative now presented here, endorsed by the major groupings of the Yoruba nation, is not a knee-jerk reaction to this and prior provocations, mostly of a far more brutal nature, nor is it addressed only to victims of Yoruba identity. We merely follow the adage “Charity Begins at Home”, and on that basis, invite the support of other ethnic nationalities either in this very approach, or in others they can themselves comfortably devise and execute.

Throughout their history, the Yoruba have always spread the welcome mat to settlers among them. Their tolerance remains demonstrable, their accommodation of the cultures of others, their religions, mores and choice of occupation is second nature. The Yoruba do not believe in shutting the door against strangers.

In recent years however, the world has watched this virtue ridiculed, assaulted, and abused by guests in our communities. Our people have been killed, displaced, dispossessed, raped and generally dehumanized with impunity. Their harvests have been devoured by marauders, the rest trampled in mush under cow hooves. Their homes have been set on fire. The perpetrators of these crimes have gone unpunished. Where arrested , they are mostly released “on orders from above”. Hardly surprising that, in recent years, this insolence has grown. They appear to enjoy the protection, even connivance of those in the seat of power and/or in exclusive charge of the security apparatus of the nation. All this has taken place under the guise of promoting the private business of the assailants.​​

It is not the Yoruba alone, however who have been designated victims, nor is it ALL of the practitioners of the indicted trade – cattle rearing - that should be held culpable for this gross abuse of a people’s hospitality. The majority conduct themselves as responsible citizens and remain welcome guests. Thus, even as we stretch a hand of solidarity to fellow victims of this murderously imperial brigandage, we must also act in a manner that guarantees the safety and welfare of innocent dwellers among us. The strategy of restoration shall complement the efforts of those charged with the governance of their communities, those whose paramount responsibility is the welfare of their own people. Our mission is to reinforce their efforts, imbue them with a sense of urgency, and bring everyone under a single canopy of equal and gainful opportunities, social well-being and security.

These are the principles that have informed this adopted strategy of self liberation. The process calls for discipline, self-sacrifice and community solidarity. We invite others to join hands wherever and however possible, and we proclaim ourselves equally ready to reach out and assist others in this common cause of the total eradication of the imperial mentality of the guilty cattle rearers.

The second phase of Ending The CowPandemic now commences –

EFG - EXIT FREE GRAZING! All movement of cattle shall cease throughout Yorubaland.

In Line with this, the Odua People’s Congress headed by Prince Osibote, Oshorun Oodua on Saturday 20th March 2021 joined hands effectively with the Hunters Association of Ogun State and the Western Region to actively commence the stoppage of Cattle Free Grazing throughout Yorubaland, in exercise EFG - END FREE GRAZING!

This strategic alliance to protect the lives and livelihood of all citizens and residents of the Western Region was held at Ijebu Waterside and marks a major concerted effort in activating the principles that the Yoruba hold dear, Live and Let Live, but not at my expense or at the cost of my life.

We invite all citizens of conscience throughout the nation – including cattle rearers - to join us in observing this initiative wherever they can.

We stand ready to join hands with others as they similarly mobilize and embark on their own journey towards the TOTAL LIBERATION of Nigerian humanity.

Orisa a gbe wa. Edumare a fun wa se. Righteousness shall prevail over evil.

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ENDORSED BY: Oodua People’s Congress (OPC)
Aare Prince OSIBOTE (President General)