Biafra: BNL Militants threaten oil vessels in Bakassi Peninsula

By Biafra Nations League, BNL
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Militant members of the Biafra Nations League, BNL in Bakassi Peninsula have been seen, walking around the bushes and covering their faces, they have threatened to unleash mayhem to any security agencies that will stop their operations.

They disclosed that they have taken over the creeks and bushes of the region to hoist the Biafran flags in all parts of Bakassi Peninsula of both the Nigeria and Cameroon sides and also would enforce the expulsion of oil companies in the region.

A statement signed by "Asorock Commander", a former third commander of the Bakassi Strike Force revealed that BNL activities in Bakassi Peninsula will differ from other areas. He warned oil vessels coming towards Bakassi Peninsula to stay off otherwise their vessels will be hijacked in the sea by his men.

Those in the bush were seen posing in a video chanting BNL, BNL.