Four Jailed Bandits Were Exchanged For Freedom Of 24 Kagara students - Reports

By The Nigerian Voice
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There are reports that there was exchange of four jailed bandits for the freedom of 24 Kagara students. Dairy Trust reports that the bandits that kidnapped 38 people, including 24 Kagara students were paid with prisoner swap to free their captives.

After days of working to establish contact with the abductors and subsequent negotiations, the victims were released to a team of police and other security agents around 7am on Saturday.

Daily Trust reported that the bandits demanded the release of six members of their members arrested at different times by security agents.

Four of the six named persons were identified in different detention facilities in Katsina, Kaduna and Niger states.

However, Niger state Commissioner for Information, Alhaji Muhammad Sani Idris, denied there was a prisoner swap.

He also denied that ransom was paid to the kidnappers.

But Daily Trust insisted that two of the prisoners were released to the bandits before the students were set free.