Now That Jakande Is Gone, Would We Continue To Whistle In The Dark

By Kareem Itunu Azeez
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Late Alhaji Lateef Jakande
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It is a normal routine in this part of the world, for when someone goes to the great beyond, encomiums and various tributes continue to come in, especially from those alive who are notoriously on the opposite end of such a man's positive vibes. For Baba was an unusual man, who had plans even before he was called to serve.

Alhaji Lateef Jakande is gone, and the yet alive politicians are pouring in their tributes, but I dwell on those with their various messages those remaining at the helms,who one day shall bite the dust too, what shall become of them when their turn is right?

Some classify him as the last of the strong ones, some refers to him as a legend even in death..

However, those we have today, i do not know if there is a lesson one or two for them could learn from, this is the Lagos where many structural facilities were raised in a span of four years, at the same time it is now a Lagos where it is taking more than eight years for similar but less in quality projects to be carried out postponements of neccessary policies outdated in implementation, we all know Lagos today is suffering all for the greed of some few people, but where did we go wrong?

Today those on the frame are the Tinubus' the Sanwo Olus', the Fasholas' and even the Osinbajos' and like time and tide they too will wash away, but I tell you only one seems to walk a route close to him, and we all know without mincing word that is Babatunde Fashola, amidst some who thinks money and power is the most important to them, even at the expense of those they had sworn to protect and lead right.

In between four years BABA, had achieved so much that in over 8 years of those around currently, nothing tangible can be shown, in comparison to todays' crop of leaders, are we still going to be whistling in the dark as we have being in this current age. The difference is very clear, between those who have come to serve, and those who are being served.

It wasn't a matter of political party differences when Chief Bode George had compared BABA, to the last of the strong ones in references to Obafemi Awolowo the Ziks, and a host of many other, Chief Bode George laid emphasis on how he had made things work, with fewer glitches. Even the pages of history would be very kind to him.

"Baba didn't sell our properties to private owners, nor did he convert any of them into his private property," the PDP stawart had said, like we have today, baba had the opportunity to fix his family and friends into all the position of influence in the political space, but he didn't, because he believes in your ability and merit, unlike what we have today, where it is about my people, and anointing before you do anything.

And so we continue to whistle in the dark, amidst a disgraceful politics which we practice in Lagos today. A typical show of it was fashioned out by the deputy governor himself, to him the support of the people was the germane, in his analysis of why we have fall short of men of service and honesty, all he could muster was, "Baba had the support of the people then" which in otherwords could translate to, today they don't have the support of the people, if i am right, then the normal question would be, How then did they get there? sadly the story continues. There is capacity, but the will to do is ultimately absent, and as far as i am concerned these ones have no plan.

Nationalists, who have work the walk, however sadly, there still seems some contrasting fallacy, even the current Deputy governor, Babfemi hamzat could not be neutral when posed with the question by Mr Jimi Disu if they can match the legacy left by Jakande, he stutters and could only mention how many houses the current administration has built, how unfortunate an answer, this only goes further to tell us the current chapter of our sad story not just as a country but as a people. A country in disaster.

When they say what would you be remembered for, when we say, “Do not speak ill of the dead” in Alhaji Lateef Jakandes' case, he was an automatic choice for lagosians, which is why, people speak of how they feel and not just trying to please the dead, if from 1979-83, a single administration could have produced so much that this notable few still exist till tomorrow, and so I ask, what is the major contributions by those who have come into political power since then, He built the Secretariat at Alausa, the House of Assembly complex, he laid the foundation for the Lagos state University, Low-cost housing on various part of Lagos, The road leading to Epe and the VI is also a notable work he did, all in space of four years, it is a great shame that today, his legacies have not being followed, and I wonder what these ones would be remembered for when their cup has also being filled ajar.

Some of those who are at the helms of affairs possess all forms of degree earn and bought, but the beautiful thing about the human mind is, that, it isn't limited to education, because Baba didn't attend Cambridge nor the oxford of this day's, these ones today parade their influence in foolish fashion with no sense of shame, they show to us in the face that, they don't have a plan, so what would they follow.

Today, as we continue to twist in the wind, especially as Laotians, one of the last strong ones has gone forever, democracy would not survive in this country, until we come together to do away with the archaic nonsense we are practicing in the name of democracy. The electoral process is in complete mess, how then do you bring about a positive leader who have the interest of people at heart.

Lagos, as we continue to whistle in the windy, a lagosian Pentium of hero is gone, the one who never traded the success of Lagos for a pot of oatmeal, we are proud of you BABA.....may your candle remain to light even in the wind.

Kareem Itunu Azeez, writes from Lagos State, currently the President, ASSOCIATION OF CAMPUS JOURNALIST, LASU CHAPTER. +2348134249115

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