Six Months down the line: where is Ibrahim Magu and who will save him out of his troubles?

By Momoh, Emmanuel Omeiza
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The ultimate aim and desire of any rational human being is to belong and be accepted whether at work, in the family or in the society at large. In fact, nothing could be much !more painful than being rejected among one's peers. The guilt and shame which follows this could not be told on mere mortal tongues.

The above scenario without gainsaying would be the best medium to paint the picture of the erstwhile acting Chairman of the nation's antigraft agency (economic financial crimes commission), Ibrahim Magu. How ridiculous is the fact that the hunter who was out to to catch games became the hunted and eventually the scapegoat.

Magu sequel to the period he was caught in the web of corruption was a personality to be feared. He had at the early stages of his assumption as the head of the nation's antigraft agency brought sanity to the commission. To say the least wss the fact that he was assiduous, dedicated, loyal both to his boss and the cabal this not withstanding the fault lines which almost made it impossible to be appointed.

We cannot be quick to forget the mysteries which surrounded his appointment especially under the Bukola Saraki led Senate that failed to clear him of the reports by the nation's secret police alleging him of shady deals and activities. Notwithstanding, the Muhammadu Buhari led administration apparently seeing the fact that he could be used as a scapegoat set aside the reports of the Senate and appoints him though in an acting capacity.

However, like the popular mantra a man who fails to play his card right, will always end up being defeated. Magu had beaten more than he can chew. He had overstepped his bounds. He was no longer fit for the masters use. The lords of the game apparently had no choice than to eject him forcefully and shamefully.

More than five months after he was charged with massive corruption cases, it seems the Nigerian political and social space has been greeted with a massive silence typical of a graveyard. The various hashtags which were quickly brought to the fore in the days shortly after he was caught and which were loud and clear in the days after the revelation no longer resonates in the ears of both decision makers and Nigerians in general.

What is the whereabout of Ibrahim Magu? And what has become the highly acclaimed Buhari's war against corruption are some of the questions the minds of the Nigerian populace continue to grapple with and struggle to find answers to on a daily basis.

Where are all the recovered loots, assets and properties? what has become of the court proceedings and sessions that day to try the cases of corruption? Do we say they were mere fables meant to lure away the minds of Nigerians?

The adminstration that made promises of ending Nigeria's deadliest social disease has quickly swerved off its course of action. Little wonder corruption which was to be fought is fighting back like a furious ram. Little wonder the likes of Abdullahi Ganduje, Danjuma Goje can still walk down the streets without any fear.

Don't tell me you have forgotten the arms deal which was totaled at more than a billion dollars. What about the mischievous malabu oil deal which indicated many political office holders. What was the aftermath? They had all gone to the sea of forgetfulness.

Ibrahim Magu that was used as the errand boy to dig up these horrible records has suddenly become the enemies of the cabal. Now that he has been used in the most despicable manner, he had been considered filthy and therefore meant for the thrash bin to battle with reproach and wallow in shame. The same people he fought for had turned his backs against him.

He was used as a foot math to shut the mouths of all the opposition of his lords. He went after personalities who had corruption cases. His action only favoured those who supported nhis idiosyncracy and those of the cliques he belonged to in the presidency.

But now that time has unraveled the mystery of things, I think it is best if the government put Nigerians out of uncertainty by taking necessary actions on the reports of the committee set up to fact check the allegations levied against Ibrahim Magu. In any case one still needs to ask the question "where is Ibrahim Magu and who will save him out of his troubles?

By: Momoh, Emmanuel Omeiza

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