To The Stakeholders Of Buhari Government: An Appeal To The "Cabals."

By Tobechi Okwuonu
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I know your concerns about letting go of clutches to power. It's natural; it's a primordial instinct of man to protect his territory and assets. No one will willingly let go of what they have laboured to acquire and build. Regardless of the manner in which assets or privileges wind up into one's coffers, letting go is usually not easy. In fact, most times it is not an option, people are usually forced to let go of their assets and privileges, no one does so voluntarily.

We all work so hard to acquire assets and privileges. They give us a sense of accomplishment, in addition to the material satisfaction we experience from having them. So, I get your worries about life out of power. I get it that you want Buhari to remain in power at all cost.

Power is sweet, being close to power is even sweeter because one does not have to take the direct heat and any heat at all from controversies inherent in the discharge of power. Being close to power, especially behind the scenes is the best place to be in power. I get it.

Rest assured that I am not naive. I might be young, albeit matured, but I am not naive. After all as an Ibo man, I should cherish assets and prestige better than others. Abi?

Look, I will protect and preserve your interests. This is my promise to you. What you have laboured to build and acquire, I will not deprive you. I will create new wealth, I know how. I have the power to create wealth. You ought to give me the benefit of doubt on this, if not for anything, for the fact that this is coming from an Ibo man 😀.

I will create new wealth that will leverage your wealth and grow it further. I do not need your wealth and privileges. I am establishing a brand new Nigeria with new wealth. Yours will be old wealth and I won't have need of it.

When I say I will create new nigeria, I will preserve the old Nigeria, and build the new one alongside it. Thus, her old wealth will be retained. The only thing you will need to give up is power and the privileges. Your wealth will be intact. I will also not judge you.

Listen, all have sinned, including myself. No one is good except The Father. Those who judge you on the basis of money are already condemned: their standard of righteousness is whether one honors public money. They, unwittingly, have made money their God in their judgment of you. In doing so, they have also submitted themselves to looters of public funds, who were able to exercise power over them to obtain the funds illegally. They have made the looters their Lord. One cannot judge their master, so their judgment of looters is an affront, and it comes back at them.

I will not judge you. Whatever you have acquired you will keep. Only power and access to power will you relinquish.

You are part of the establishment. As an establishment, you are an asset, not a liability. Therefore, you would be an ally, a great resource for me to engage and deploy as needed, while not having any influencing role in power. I have a special role for you, as all the establishments in old Nigeria that my interim government is about to take her away from.

So, you have everything to gain and nothing really to lose in giving me your support, to form my interim government that will establish a new nigeria. I invite you to join me to ask The President to step down from power:

Help me to ask the incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari, to accept my proposal for an interim government that I will lead, work with me to form it, then hand over power to me, step down from power, and let me lead and run the interim government. This interim government will reborn Nigeria, giving it a new head and body.

Ask Buhari to let me launch this interim government, which I have scheduled to kick off by December latest, and as early as October 1.

Tobechi Okwuonu

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