Condemning Army For Killing Helpless Igbos At Orlu And Ultimatum Tofulaniherdsmen To Vacate Igbos Forests

By Civil Liberties Organization
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Nigerian Army Mindlessly Killing Innocent Igbos at Orlu due their Helplessness in Confronting Eastern Security Network-ESN in the Forest : An Igbo Group Gives Ultimatum to Fulanis to Vacate Igbo Forests On Or Before Sunday , 28 February , 2021 : Igbos will Forcefully Enter their Forests to Chase Out Forest Fulanis in Igbo Forests After That Date .

Civil Society groups in the South East Nigeria have united , linearly and unequivocally evaluated the abnegation of justice in the condemnable act of intimidation meted against Igbos at Orlu in Imo State by the men of Nigerian Military, who have become helpless to confront Igbos committed to Igbo cause in the mold of Eastern Security Network-ESN. The Group led by Voice from the East : V-EAST, has given Ultimatum to Fulaniherdsmen in Igbo Forests, to leave Igbo Forests , on or Before , Sunday, 28 February, 2021. The Group stated that After that Date, Igbos and all Igbos, not necessarily Eastern Security Network-ESN , will enter Igbo Forests in All Igboland and Chase out , and Kill , and Decimate, and destroy, and annihilate and burn- alive, anything Fulani in Igbo Forests. Please note that it is not and never Fulanis in Igbo Towns, but Fulanis in Igbo Forests.

Speaking to Press Men, V-EAST stressed that There can be no Election in Nigeria come 2023 unless the issue of Fulaniherdsmen entering people’s forests and killing , kidnapping, raping and maiming them , was squarely settled. Comrade Kindness Jonah , speaking as the Convener of V-EAST , said that unless indigenous Nigerians rose to defend themselves and their peoples against the wanton killings by Fulanis , the Federal government led by Buhari as a Fulani that stands for sharia, cannot do anything. Comrade Jonah said ‘nobody has the monopoly of violence, no, not even the Fulanis. It is evident that Buhari has failed himself and Nigerians , and he is a square peg in a round hole, and completely clueless and brain -wise , immobilized , and so , cannot articulate anything against the Fulaniherdsmen. But Nigerian military are busy providing security to Fulaniherdsmen that are killing natives in their own lands. Yet, the same army are expecting obedience from the indigenes. How come ? You cannot chew your cake and have it. That fact that Nigerian military are providing cover to killers and rapists and murderers in Fulaniherdsmen in peoples’ forests , instead of arresting them and prosecuting them, really implies that people must take up arms and enter their respective forests , and kill and chase out Fulaniherdsmen illegally occupying their forests. Enough is enough for the Fulanis as islamizers carrying out sharia in every essence , in the killings ’

Comrade Kindness Jonah , Voice from the East-V-EAST

Comrade Glory Nwafor , Nigerian Society for Anti Corruption

Comrade Justice Chigbundu, Rights of Man Keep-ROMKEEP

Comrade Chukwuemeka Cornelius, Center for Youth Development and Human Rights Upkeep .