That Hasty Suspension Of Engr Pst J.b. Effiong, (zonal Leader, Central Uruan) By Pdp Uruan Chapter.

By Micheal Joseph Okon
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Before we suspend more long standing members for minor unproven flip of emotion, may I speak freely as a committed member of this great party. These are not the best of times for us to fight fire with fire especially in Uruan Local government Area.

The Holy Book clearly defines how we should treat Elders like Engr PST J.B Effiong, as the only State named after God me think the Party was hasty in her suspension of a resourceful member for trivial locker room discussion;

"Rebuke not an elder, but entreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren;

1 Timothy 5:1 KJV"
At the risk of being suspended by overzealous members of our Party in Uruan with it's possible boomerang effect from the deafening silences of onlookers, I dare say his suspension was beyond that WatsApp in-house comment of a group less than 50 members from Uruan extraction.

Few months ago Mr Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon was suspended by his Ward Chairman in the same Central Uruan and Engr Engr J.B Effiong stood by him, today Engr J.B Effiong has been suspended by his Ward Chairman (his grandson,so to speak without fair hearing nor caution). What is going on in Central Uruan? Who is the brain behind all these suspension on rampage? How many people can you suspend before 2023?

Conspiracy theorist have this to say and there may be some truth in their permutations;

By 2023 The Uruan State Constituency office has been zoned to Central Uruan and it's believed that all these suspensions are attempts by desperate power seekers to crush possible oppositions so as to clear the way and make their chances more feasible but can they suspend the unexpected?

As inconsequential as Engr J.B Effiong's watsApp comment might have been considering the fact that his phone could behave been hacked in this era of digital possibilities, considering his age as a Father, Considering his contributions to our great party over the years before those who suspended him were even conceived in their mother's womb, me think we have lost goodwill as a party with such hasty decision for selfish 2023 political gains.

On the other hand, is it possible that those seeking for political favour and blessings from the Governor come 2023 for whatever electoral offices from Uruan think it wise disgracing Engr J.B Effiong from the party will put them in the good books of Governor Udom Emmanuel? Me think not.

Engr PST J B Effiong has loyalist and supporters who span beyond Central Uruan, his suspension has shaken too many things in our polity,many might be afraid to speak up but like the end Sars revolt, If Uruan PDP do not put their house in order, you may have zombies as members waiting for an opportunity to pay back this great embarrassment on a Father in Uruan.

May I at this point appeal to the highest Political office holder in Uruan and Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly; Rt Hon Aniekan Bassey to please look into this matter for it's not only armed robbery that is a thing of shame and call for reasonableness and caution to parties involved in attempt to salvage our collective shame and right the wrongs for posterity sake.

How many of us can 2023 Power seekers suspend?
In conclusion, Engr PST J.B. Effiong is a Clergy man of no mean repute, that he called for prayers and repentance as a comment on a widely circulated video by a certain Pastor in limited watsApp group does not warrant his suspension from the party. Those who suspended him should also gag the Pastor that preached and lock up the church so people won't comment again. Engr J.B Effiong couldn't have mocked nor celebrated the dead of any for he knows the pains of loosing a loved one as he recently buried his dear wife.

It's wickedness to put such an elderly man in trauma. That suspension is an emotional dead sentence and Uruan people will not forgive those involved if anything should go wrong.

People seeking power in 2023 should not destroy this party and push people a way, these are not the best of times to create silent factions.

Micheal Joseph Okon is a public affairs analyst and writes from Ituk Mbang International Community (host of the world class COVID-19 Isolation centre)

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