Plus, and Minus for Anti-Fulani Expansionism in Nigeria

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE
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The great minus is that it took Nigerians, for long living in denial about the reality of Fulani expansionism, so long to appreciate the conspiratorial threat posed to their long-term wellbeing by the nepotistic and expansionist Muhammadu Buhari Administration.

Thankfully, grassroots awareness of the Fulani expansionist threat is now so high, that the prospect of State Governors signing away their respective states’ territorial sovereignties to expansionist Fulani has receded considerably.

This is of course except for a certain idiotically ambitious, flip-flopping, Governor of a certain South East state, who is reputed to have ceded land to expansionist Fulani in his state in delirious furtherance of his phantom presidential ambition.

However, if that is truly the case, expect the genetically rebellious and historically unruly Igbo to sack and dislodge both the Fulani 'settler-buyers' of ancestral communal land, and the Igbo 'seller by fiat', who has questionable authority of advocacy, and zero power of attorney, at the appropriate time.

The big plus is that President Buhari's disastrous tenure is inching fitfully to an underwhelming close and more importantly that all the ephemeral gains of his expansionist policies will be nullified in short order immediately afterwards.

That of course is except for indolent state legislatures across the country, who out of timidity and fright are reluctant to promulgate laws banning open grazing and enforcing ranching in their respective states.

Plus, or minus, as Fulani expansionists are beginning to belatedly realize, it is one thing to drag an unwilling horse down to the river, but it is something entirely different to force it to drink.

President Buhari may have successfully dragged unwilling indigenous Nigerians down to an expansionist river, but they have resolutely declined to drink thereof.

Maybe it is time for Buhari to unleash his proverbial expansionist whip, but he should be braced to receive what could eventually prove to be a consequential kick.

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE

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