The Climate Change Panacea: Movement To Actualize Nations

By Tobechi Okwuonu
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Greetings President Biden,
The solution to climate change lies in political restructuring of nations that would allow climate change to be at the forefront of politics. I have elaborate plans to implement this political restructuring in all nations through a platform I would call the Movement To Actualize Nations. This platform would create room for climate change to be given the center stage it deserves. Without this sort of political empowerment of climate change, it will not receive urgent attention, but will always be relegated by politicians. At best, it will continue to be a mere punch line, an empty rhetoric during political campaigns.

Climate change is lethal. Its consequences are dire even more than we know. The impact of climate change on infectious diseases is dire. Climate change has compromised our immune system. Mankind is more vulnerable to diseases due to climate change. Climate change exacerbates infectious diseases, including corona virus.The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic is a grave source of concern with climate change. These two combined are The Death Seal of mankind.

The politicians have no incentive to take decisive actions not just because they do not care, but also because they are ignorant about the full threat of climate change in general, and with a pandemic such as the coronavirus. We must, however, not let their inaction from their stark ignorance on the gravity of the situation deter us from taking decisive action. They have failed in leadership, every government has failed to lead on climate change issues. As a result, they must be replaced by a new system and people keen to lead on climate change matters.

Please support me to launch the Movement To Actualize Nations, a coalition of mankind and all residents of all nations, to restructure their politics, in order to empower climate change to be a central issue, and thus, be addressed with the seriousness, commitment, and urgency it deserves.

I look forward to hearing from you.