My Movement To Actualize Nations. Letter To World Leaders

By Tobechi Okwuonu
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Please Help Me Remove President Muhammadu Buhari From Power To Enable Me Establish A New World Order.

My Global Vision and Agenda
I seek to restore and establish an interim Dominion of Peace/Justice (interim New World Order), as a forerunner to a lasting Dominion of Peace/Justice. My ultimate goal is to usher in, and establish the elusive world, in which lasting peace among mankind is both mainstream and accepted. This is my Ultimate New World Order. Establishing an interim dominion of peace/justice is both the sole path and foundation for a civilization in which peace among men can flourish.

I intend to achieve these ends through a platform I have named Movement to Actualize Nations, MAN. I will promote MAN as an earnest quest to realize the full potential of mankind, through primarily, the instrument of supreme uniform laws binding all nations, while keeping intact, peculiar identities of its people that do not conflict with the supreme laws. MAN will be positioned as the vehicle for, and the path towards achieving the elusive world prosperity and peace.

MAN will provide better mobilization of resources to manage the slew of adversities currently plaguing the world, and many more that are looming in the near and distant future. Passion and commitment are critical to the success of any goal. At this time of great tumult, passion and commitment towards containing the crises ought to be the priority.

Consequently, MAN will restructure the politics and government of nations to empower regular people, who are passionate and committed to containing the scourges, to lead the containment efforts in every nation.

MAN will be a help-meet for governments: he will be a mediator between governments and their people; he will be a mediator within governments; he will fill the gaps left by governments in serving their people; he will mediate disputes between the peoples of nations.

I desire to launch MAN in Nigeria, my native nation. To launch in Nigeria, I need to form an interim government there. For this to happen, I need the incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari, to step down from power, and handover power to me, the head of the interim government.

Alternatively, he can support me to launch the interim government, then step down from power and hand over power to me. In this case, his current government will be a transitional one until the interim government is launched.

Please, help me to make the incumbent president of Nigeria to either collaborate with me, or step down from power, to enable me launch my interim government in Nigeria and give birth to MAN, for the benefit of all nations. Exercise your influence to make him step down, because only your influence can remove him from power, and alter the trajectory of situations in Nigeria.

I am not asking for financial support to launch MAN. I will use Nigeria's resources to launch it for the benefit of all nations. It will be Nigeria's blessing to nations. I am counting on you for the sake of mankind.

Thank you so much.
Tobechi Okwuonu