President Buhari Of Nigeria Must Go

By Tobechi Okwuonu
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Gallant warriors. I greet you. I recognise and hail your bravery in and outside the shores of our country. Your bravery is a legend in Africa and the world. This legend of yours is well documented in history. You have been gallant contributors to wars and conflicts that shaped the world, helping to advance modern civilization, as well as defend it when threatened in the past. You have also continued to uphold it in the present, inside and outside Nigeria, against significant threats from within, and those from outside.

I commend you for your role in keeping Nigeria one, when the seeds of division sought to divide her in the past. I commend your gallantry in upholding her integrity when the same seeds of division are earnestly seeking, in subtle and overt forms, to split the nation. You have kept not just the nation united, but her unique culture. The oneness of Nigerians is a credit to your sacrifice. We, Nigerians of all tribes, are one today because you have made, and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice. You laid, and lay down your lives so we may remain Naija. I celebrate you for the gift of Naija that is still around.

On behalf of Africa, I thank you for the Naija brand, the pride of Africa. For Naija would have ended with the disintegration of Nigeria sought by seeds of division, but for your gallantry. If I were still a kid, I would look at you collectively and say: I want to be like you when I grow up. But, as an adult, I say, I am glad I have you around. As a man, I say, I am proud to associate with you.

It is a privilege to be a Nigerian, all because of your legend, gallantry, and sacrifices. You are also great professionals: you never step out of your place in conducting your duties. You are a testament of order. Consequently, in an era of tumult, you hold the only legitimacy and authority. For this reason, you are one of the few, if not the sole, powers that have earned the right to restore and uphold order and authority in Nigeria.

At the moment, Muhammadu Buhari, and by extension, the presidency, is devoid of authority. Consequently, you, the soldiers, are not obliged to obey him. On paper he is the de jure commander-in-chief, but he is no longer the de facto commander-in-chief. In truth, he is neither the de facto nor de jure commander-in-chief, all because there is no authority in the presidency/president any longer.

Exercise of power should be legitimate. As instruments of exercise of power, you must remain legitimate in exercising power. This is not tenable at the moment because your commander-in-chief lacks authority. Your conduct under his command is illegitimate. So, you are illegitimate and unprofessional because of him. You are criminal, but unwittingly so, because your commander-in-chief is devoid of authority, so is illegitimate.

Please restore your own legitimacy. Restore the nobility of your legend, gallantry, and sacrifice. Restore authority to the power you wield inside and outside Nigeria. Restore authority to your commander-in-chief. Make your profession and sacrifices legitimate again. Reject and eject a commander-in-chief that dishonors you, install one that dignifies you, honors your sacrifices, and those of your colleagues, especially the fallen ones. Your profession is one of honor. All of you are people of honor. Allow honor to be restored in the commander-in-chief and your profession.

Join me in asking The President, your Commander-in-Chief, to seek the restoration of order and authority in Nigeria. Please join me, help me in asking him to stand down this year, 2021, by the end of September latest. Let him work with me to form an interim government, with a view to restoring order in Nigeria. Our new government would also restore authority to the presidency, and by extension, legitimacy to the presidency, and the institutions of Nigeria.

Thank you.
Tobechi Okwuonu

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