Help Me To Empower Good People And Great Causes

By Toby Martin
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Dear Sir/Madam,
I trust you have been well - despite the bedlam in the world. It really does appear the world is falling apart: political upheavals, civil unrest, natural disasters, economic turmoil, and of course, COVID-19 pandemic. The chaos is global, no nation is immune.

Fortunately, there are many well meaning causes, such as yours working tireless to address the challenges. But, it appears they are powerless to attain their ultimate goals. The reason is because these agents of good change lack sufficient power, or any power at all, needed to reach their objectives. If they are fully empowered, they would be much more effective.

I want to launch a movement to fully empower all the forces of good change to achieve their ultimate good intentions, through a restructuring of the politics of nations, such that pressing issues and those committed to them can be fully empowered politically, to pursue the changes they seek unhindered. The current political structure in nations pays lip service at best, to a lot of pressing issues because the people in power are not committed to them, or they lack the necessary passion.

Take gender equality for example, human rights, climate change, or even poverty alleviation. If the politics of a nation is restructured in a way that places regular women in power, or regular men committed to gender equality, their priority will be gender equality. Likewise, if environmentalists are empowered at the highest level, addressing climate change will be their priority.

To this end, I am reaching out to groups and/or individuals of influence that are committed to causes that improve the well being of mankind in one or more ways. I am soliciting their support to enable me launch this political restructuring/reformation of nations, in order to tackle adversity efficiently. At this time of great tumult, the world needs people who are committed to addressing the tumults to be in charge. The world does not need regular politicians who are, wittingly or not, inspired and driven by power only.

The prospects I am seeking could be established, or just starting out. They could also be at the inspiration stage, or perhaps, my intention could be their inspiration. Whatever their stage, I need them. I have the plan, I need them to have the resources -- clout and/or publicity (not just money). They may be regular folks, or the establishment. There is no other way they would be able to achieve the ultimate goal of their good intentions for mankind without empowerment via the political restructuring I plan to pursue in nations. It will be true democracy -- credible and reliable.

Under the initiative, your organization will have a better chance at achieving its goal because it could be empowered at the highest level. So, you are welcome to get on board with my plan as well.

Every cause that improves the general well being of mankind is valid. It could be human rights, climate change/environmental, gender equality, poverty alleviation, etc. Please introduce the individual(s) and/or groups behind these causes that you know, so that I may explore possible support from them to launch the political restructuring of nations that could empower them at the highest level to achieve the ultimate objective of their causes.

Any group or individual that supports me will have their brand boosted by the good brand of my objective, with the attendant clout that comes with such a boost. Good brand attracts clout -- and greater clout (where there is clout already). In the meantime, en route my objective, their cause/organization will be reaping the benefits of their brand boost. My cause/objective is a great brand boost to any supporter.

Please help me save the world from imploding. All it takes is fully empowered committed and passionate people tackling the world's adversity. Help me to empower those people. Join me, or introduce me to good people like you, or their causes.