Will You Make It Count?

By Edikan Ekanem
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Fellow Nigerians and entrepreneurs,
Doing the right the wrong way and at the wrong time is disastrous and could have negative impacts on our business establishments.

There are things one MUST do before kick staring any business venture and failure to do that would bring problems sooner or later.

As a business owner, do you see the need to register your brand with Corporate Affairs Commission or it doesn't bother you?

Do you have any course to design your business a touchy and amazing logo? Does it bother you that you should design a business card for yourself?

Does it even appear that you should open yourself a business account? Do you even think of the benefits and importance of having one?

Do you think it's necessary to have short and long-term goals for your business for the year and beyond? Does it matter to you whether or not you have proper documentation?

Have you thought of reasons to have legal agreements to evidence all your transactions with your business partners or do you think trust has it all?

Have you ever thought of the dangers of running a business without first securing the name, getting it registered with the Federal Government of Nigeria at the Corporate Affairs Commission?

Do think getting the necessary licenses, permits, registering with some regulatory agencies like SON, NAFDAC if need be is a waste of time and resources?

Well, the success or failure of your business today or tomorrow would largely depend on your own "commission or omission".

Put it differently, doing what should be done and failing to do what should be done holds the key to the success or failure of most business ventures today.

As an entrepreneur, you don't wait for opportunities before acting and living up to your business expectations but vice versa. Just learn to be proactive.

Although 2020 was a very tough business year, what may have distinguished failures and success most businesses was PREPAREDNESS.

While some businesses took advantage of several grants and survival schemes from individuals, governments, corporate and international organisations, others were groping in woes because they didn't prepare and wait.

The above should bring into mind the words of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American President when he said "I will prepare and some day my chance will come".

2021 may not be the bed of roses business-wise but how you tackle it will surely make it count or not to count, the ball is in your court.

Will you make it count?
Why not use the law prospectively by consulting a lawyer today for legal perception, General Business Advisory, and due diligence of your business?

If you do the above, you are acting on the words of Martin Luther King Jr when he said " You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the FIRST STEP".

Good morning and happy weekend.
Edikan Ekanem is a legal practitioner and can be reached at 08130015006 or [email protected] .

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