Nepotism is Degenerative Backwardness

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE
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In 2021 Nigerians must squarely face the fact that competence on the job measured solely by good results posted, is the only way of climbing out of poverty, besides winning a lottery.

Talking about winning a lottery, the Fulani are the current winners of the Nigerian lottery solely because of the nepotistic abuse and misuse of the Presidency by the incumbent.

But it is not sustainable. They will lose all their present advantages come 2023. Mark my words.

In 2023, short of a miracle, and with the pressures building up in the country, I can see no practical way a Fulani will retain the position of President of Nigeria, with Nigeria remaining as one country.

I see nearly none to zero chance of that possibility.

But the question Nigerians must ask themselves to go by the ugly precedent currently being set is this.

If an Igbo becomes President of Nigeria, should we then be talking of Ndigbo winning the Nigerian lottery?

Ditto for the Yoruba, if a Yoruba becomes President should we be talking of the Yoruba winning the Nigerian lottery?

Or same for the Ijaw, if former President Goodluck Jonathan becomes President once again, which possibility cannot be ruled out given the 8 years to be considered lost under President Muhammadu Buhari?

Certainly, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Nigerians must ask themselves this question.
Turn by turn at the watering hole, is that how to run a country?

Where the ethnicity of the incumbent President determines the prospects of survival or flourishment of the citizenry.

Is that the new way forward?
If the answer is no, then poverty enthronement apart, politically speaking, Nigerians must realize the imperativeness of piling pressure on President Muhammadu Buhari to recant his nepotism, if he is to remain as President till 2023.

Myopically, even without intelligence, an extremely dangerous precedent which will either backfire spectacularly against the Fulani or against the prospects of Nigeria remaining as a single entity, is being systematically set.

Mark those words.
Economically speaking, a Government that presents, projects, or recycles unqualified persons selected solely based on ethnicity, is pauperizing the nation.

With such incompetence, they are wasting away the destiny, and bequeathing the nation with irreparable debts, which will drown almost everyone in inescapable poverty.

Having failed decisively since 2015, except they change, this Government will continue to fail, perhaps even more decisively, until they leave office shamefully, with nothing to show for 8 years in power, except for bloated personal bank accounts.

But it will be at your expense and at the expense of your children's children.

The reason why they will continue to fail should immediately be obvious to everyone.

People who assume positions out of nepotism, even if they are ordinarily qualified and competent, have zero or no motivation to excel in those positions.

And this, because they did not attain them on merit, but rather from favor.

Empirically, in the affairs of men, sheer motivation, and drive to excel probably accounts 70% for the resulting success achieved, competence accounts for 25%, and luck for the remaining 5%.

If your appointees have already lost the motivation to excel in their appointed positions because of the manner they assumed office, then if they are competent and have luck on their side, they empirically have 30% chance of achieving success.

When your appointees do not even have the basic technical competence requisite for their positions, you are empirically talking of a 5% chance of success.

But the situation is worse than this because recipients of nepotistic favor do not operate in a vacuum, but in a system where everyone knows how they emerged.

At best their unqualified ascent demotivates other actors in the system. At worst, their emergence engenders hostility, causes friction, and may provoke systemic sabotage.

Multiply this situation across the entire Government and you can see why short of luck, the absolute best the Buhari Administration is guaranteed is outright failure.

Not that the Administration cares because there are driven solely by the quest to create settlements for the Fulani everywhere.

But that too may be an exercise in futility because future Governments can with fiat, dismantle settlements not propped by sound legal or political backing.

At this point we are not even saying appoint A or B for C or D. What we are saying is hire and fire people based on results posted, not based solely on ethnicity, personal loyalty, or expansionist propensity.

In the real world outside Nigeria, you live or die by your results.

What we are saying to the Buhari Administration is show us the results of your occupancy of power for six and a half years.

Show us your results in the areas of Fight against Corruption, Law and Order, Security of Lives and Property, Economic well-being of the people, Impartial Administration of Justice, National and Social Cohesion, Infrastructural development, Energy and Power Supply, Cost of Living, Workforce Employment, Functional Education, Health Services delivery, among others.

Who truly and in all sincerity, can assess the Buhari Administration and give it a pass mark in any or all those areas?

That in the final analysis is the bottom line, not whether Buhari’s appointees are APC or PDP, Fulani or Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba, Edo or Efik, Kanuri or Tiv, Urhobo or Idoma, Igala or Itsekiri, Ijaw or Berom.

A degenerative precedent is currently being set, given Nigerians’ penchant for emulating evil practices and customs.

Which ethnicity in Nigeria will win the national lottery to further stimulate national backwardness and poverty with nepotism come 2023?

Your guess is as good as mine, but we wait and watch.

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