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Letter To Late Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule, Danmasanin Kano

By Abba Dukawa
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I write this postmortem letter to you Your Excellency Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule Dan Masanin Kano of blessed memory to intimate you on the battered situations in the country after your demise.

Before detailing you the state of the nation. Let me seek Allah's forgiveness for believing only GMB can change the country without seeking Allah’s guidance from him and He leave us with Baba. This too much believed that only Baba can change the fortune of the country also made him to accused all past civilians administration for running anty masses policies in the country.

Let me pray for Allah guardian's for baba and open his heart to understand the suffering peoples are gong through. We bow before Allah seeking His forgiveness. Help us in our trying moment as people and the country at large to pass this trial.

No one will believed if someone walked up to Buharists before 2015 and said Nigerians under the present administration would experience such desperate situation we are now in, peoples would consider that person a mentally ill, and unapologetic Buharists would promptly give him a verbal roasting if not physical attack. If any one would tell Buharists that Nigerians would come to get so fed up with administration no one will believe it.

After your demise, your colleagues in the Northern Elders Forum and others well meaning respected personalities including His Eminent Sultan of Sokoto have all lamented the high rate of insecurity particularly in the north, as bandits are fast overrunning the region.

There has never been a time when millions of Nigerians are losing faith in the ability of those in governance to make a great impact to hope our better tomorrow than now. Peoples faith keeps fading on a daily basis in the country.

It seems the people desperate and those in power appear incapable of finding solutions to the insecurity, the economic downturn and abject poverty starring the populace in the face.

I don't want to disturb your peaceful rest but I have to let you know that you and other 12 million especially unapologetic Buharists then had much confidence in the country's perceived messiah especially as in three consecutive attempts.

You were convinced that our nation will have sense of direction where justice and good governance and justice would prevail.

When you left this world the level of insecurity especially in the northern part of the country was not as bad as it is today.

People in many northern states are now at the mercy of armed gangs , who roam towns and villages wreak havoc and kill at will.

Were you alive, you would have been surprised by the sudden turn of events - how the hope and expectations the people had for a Baba's presidency have been badly shattered.

Let me remind you about your testimonial attestation before the then president-elect General Muhammadu Buhari after the 2015 general elections, when led Northern Leaders Forum delegates to congratulated him.

I watched the visit on the Channel TV. The attestation broke my heart and gingered me that I had paid my due in voting a leader I had been dreaming for the country since 2003.

It's apt to quote you. It is the same Buhari that gave this country a sense of direction when he was a military leader.

This time, I’m sure, Allah has brought him, to correct the ills of the past, to reform.

But sir, it is easy – and you know it was easy while you were there as a military leader – and with justice, you can rule Nigeria well.

Justice, is the key. I ask you, please, to continue. Don’t change, don’t compromise justice with any thing.

We are looking for a Nigerian that would be committed, dedicated and you are such a person. We are, therefore, expecting much from you.

We are expecting much from you. We, on our side, are prepared to give you whatever support, in form of advise or anything, that will enable you to succeed in your task. May Allah help you! Mr. President.

Had been you are with us, you would be among millions of Nigerians that keep asking whether Baba Buhari is the same man of reliablity we saw in him some years back, because what we have gone through is unimaginable.

Five years ago no Nigerian expected negative things to happen under PMB’s stewardship.

The electorates never thought Baba would head a government bedeviled with boggling poor economic policies, poverty and insecurity challenges with endless things which are discrediting administration's goodwill and the nation at large.

With the ways things going, it is like Buhari is not the same person Nigerians ostensible brought into in 2015.

Buhari’s fear factor has gone. corrupt politicians have a free day. Everyone does as wishes

The popularity and massive support Baba enjoyed has been badly ruptured.

Going to market shops, stalls, joints, everywhere one hears and sees pains peoples going through because peoples believe that the administration appears helpless in finding solutions to insecurity as well as poverty in the North. It is written on their faces.

Your Excellency, on the final note, as you knew history books are replete with the role you have played to stabilize the country during and after independence struggle.

When you were here with us you were a strong believer in national unity, you were known as a man who stood for justice, a man with a vast knowledge of contemporary history of Nigeria.

You did not waste any opportunity in sharing your experience with anyone who would listen to you, especially our generations. You left this world as Nigeria has not taken its rightful place in the community of nations, as you hope so. Like we all known, some of the most important qualities of a leader includes integrity, accountability, empathy, humility, resilience, vision, influence and positivity.

Like old stories on a new page of a book, governments at all levels have not been able to show readiness in confronting the daunting challenges bedeviling this country.

Mr president let have empathy for his us because we are the only peoples will receive and host Baba when leaves office in good health and those in the villa today will have deserted you for greener pastures.

Munamu mufada ji yarage dasu
Dukawa can be reached at [email protected]