Christmas And Being Christ-like: A Call For Personal Reflection 

Source: Ganiu Bamgbose, PhD.
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Anyone who cares to read or to hear about the conception, and the life and time of Jesus will agree to the significance of the celebration of his birth; notwithstanding your religious affiliation, stance, ideology or philosophy. Although we may differ in our perception and interpretation of his greatness, worshippers of the world’s most popular religions unanimously agree to the mightiness of Jesus, whether as our Lord and personal Saviour or as our great prophet. On this ground, I wish us all a Merry Christmas and a productive and prosperous New Year ahead. What more! If Christ is of immeasurable significance to the world in all perspectives, ranging from spirituality, to religion and even leadership, a question deserving of everyone’s reflection on this day, amidst the celebration, therefore, is: HOW MUCH OF CHRIST IS IN US?

I read on someone’s status this morning that the son of God became the son of man so that the son of man can become the son of God. This paradoxical statement is an artistic way of saying that the birth and lifetime of Jesus was made to happen by God all for the sake of man. Again, how much of God’s love which made him offer us His precious Jesus do we radiate? The miracle of the five loaves of bread and two fish to feed multitude is known to us all. Metaphorically speaking, we all have got loaves of bread: are you feeding those who should be fed? Of course water was turned into wine at the wedding at Cana to bring sweetness to the party. Are we instrumental to the ‘sweetness’ of others’ lives or serve as their bitterness? In both John 5:14 and John 8:11, we saw Jesus forgive and warn them to go sin no more. Do you forgive others or nurse grudges?

The New International Version gives Ecclesiastes 7:2 thus: It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart. I, therefore, think everyone who happily celebrates Christ on this day should ask: will I be worth celebrating when I die? How much of Christ is in me? In your dealings with families, friends, colleagues, and even maids: how much of the love that Christ gave to the world do you radiate?

In the world at large, Jesus is celebrated every day and especially on this day. In your own little space, what would be said of you when you leave? As we celebrate, let’s think posterity!

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A Muslim and unrepentant lover of Christ
Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose, PhD. Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Lagos State University, Ojo

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