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Stop Your Savage Acts on the Young People of Nigeria-An Open Letterto the Islamic hand-Maids of Boko-Haram

By Alexander Opicho - Lodwar, Kenya
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First, I pledge my solidarity to the families in Katsina, Northern Nigeria, who have their sons and daughters kidnapped from school by the hideous Boko-horam cowardly criminals. I do pledge same solidarity to the families of Chiboke girls , Garrissa University victims, Three kenyan-Cuban doctors held captives for random in Somalia and many other victim families that have suffered the brutal acts of Islam terrorist wings and organizations . The primitive and cruel and cowardly terrorist organizations like Al-gaeda, Alshabab and Hezbollah or Boko-haram. They often perpetrate terror on innocent lives of school girls and school boys who know nothing about Islam. I believe, the world must come together to condemn these religious savagery, and the most to be condemned are the Mosques they worship in and the families , spiritual leaderships as well as dishonest political organizations that court these terrorist groups.

The recent savagery in Katsina has no logical basis. In fact was I a terrorist today , I would have thought better by not going for such defenceless lives. I would have chosen to spend my energy and oil resources on finding out how I can contribute towards domestic or Islamic establishment of the Covid-19 vaccine. I mean the Islamic vaccine. This would have obviously helped in face-lifting Islam, a religion that has overtly contributed much towards practice of slave trade, rural squalor, deliberate ignorance , racism against black people , irrational violence, emasculation of fundamental human rights,terrorism and intellectual pettiness when all other civilizations are busy and desperately struggling to promote utilitarian science,reliable as well as inclusive governance,secular or technical education,gender mainstreaming, globalization of peace, cultural diversity & intellectual tolerance and as well as universal comfort of human life.

For example, if you look at social history of Islam in Kenya, you will easily be lucky to establish the milestones of Islam to be slave trade, endemic female genital cutting or mutilation,illiteracy, youth addiction on drugs, regional zero grazing on Quran, terrorism,poverty and human trafficking.

The inevitable fact is that Kenya has over six centuries of experience with Islam, but apart from relentless mushrooming of irrelevant mosques,you can walk across Kenya and you will never see a Muslim university, a Muslim hospital , a Muslim VCT centre, a Muslim technical college, or even a Muslim center for refugees as if Islamic world is not a primary producer of religious war victims. This historical evidence of Islam's palpable deviation from the call of time possibly fetters a common mind from deciding between the intellectual inspiration of Islam being an outright derivation from the satanic verses or not. This is one social point at which we must stop to ask the Islam world to show us their Covid-19 Vaccine researcher, and then we shall show the world our favourite terrorist with qualifications in nuclear research.

Intellectual and cultural intolerance is the greatest conspiracy against civilization, in fact if I was Aristotle the son of Nichomacheaus, I would say it is the swine of civilization. Unfortunately, Islam is very intolerant to social change and liberal development of thought . One will obviously fail to understand why Islam has missed to be intellectually and also morally bound to take an example from Christian experience with publication of 'Christ the Man' by Berber Thiering, 'Jesus of Acapolypse' by Berber Thiering, and also another book ,

'In God's Name' by David Yalop, The 'Holy Grail' and very many other books that talk about humanity of Jesus Christ like having sex with Mary Magdalena, escaping crucifixion for marriage life in which he was in bondage to up to the age of sixty when he died in Rome as well as many other human experiences like Jesus being physically beaten hands up by Jude his young brother when Jesus had to failed to provide for the family during the six years of after Joseph's death when Jesus was twenty six years old. All these contrasting examples made Christendom to fire ahead with preaching and evangelization of the Gospel. On the other hand, the world was reduced to a feast of shame with serial declaration of fatwa when Salman Rushdie exercised his natural rights to write the story of mahound and ayesha in 'Satanic Verses', or when the Charlie Heptoo Magazine exercised its artistic freedom to publish the cartons about humanity of Muhammad, or when the two liberal daughters of Islam : Nasreen Taslim and Saadawi El Nawal exercised their organic intellect to question the quality of freedom a woman enjoys in Islam.

And if at all there was to be a reaction against Rushdie's work in 'Satanic Verses', then they were Christians to riot but not Muslims. For Rushdie excoriated Christianity in the book more than he did to Islam . Thus , it was only intellectual pettiness that made Islam and its brand of ayatollahism to over-react by adopting the murderous fatwa against the author of 'Satanic Verses'. This is also the same intellect sham that is currently guiding islamist terrorism of today.

Most vulgar is an idea that 'because I am a Muslim then my government must be Islam'. This idea is found in the Iqra , hadith and sunnah parts of the Quran. It is a divine revelation yes, but it is politically infeasible. The Quran and oil alone is not enough to give one global state power. One needs to enjoy universal human consent in order to form the current world power . Islamist Terrorism of today is based on the assumption that all the humanity must be Islam under the universal Islam government. Unfortunately, this cannot happen. Humanity does not need Islam, humanity needs freedom .

Alexander Opicho writes from, Lodwar,Kenya [email protected]