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"Umahi's appeal for ceasefire, act of benediction for public good",Ebonyi Ex- Lawmaker

By Mbam Ogodo, Abakaliki
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The two term Ex - Lawmaker in Ebonyi state House of Assembly and APC Chieftain, Dr Eni Uduma Chima has described the apology of Governor David Umahi and appeal for ceasefire as a simple act of benediction for public good meant to preserve the status quo and steer the ship of stability away from hitting the rocks.

Dr Eni said that Umahi’s appeal to all his appointees to stop attacking some leaders of the State doesn’t in any way justify the insults they had hurled at him (Umahi) since his defection to the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The Lawmaker in a statement captioned “Rejoinder to Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba’s response to Governor Dave Umahi’, insisted that “the use of school premises to organize cult activities is not and cannot be a flimsy excuse for closing down such premises.

Reacting to Senator Obinna Ogba’s recent outburst against Governor Umahi, the APC Chieftain cautioned Senator Ogba to exhibit a modicum of dignity for the Seat he occupies and the hallowed Chamber he is a member of, by desisting from peddling cheap lies like a motor-park tout.

“For his information, the Governor’s appeal for ceasefire with apologies to those who may feel offended does not in any way concede any justification for the childlike insults which these Abuja based Politicians in their new found awkward friendship have hurled at the Governor.”

Ogba had in a press conference in Abuja described the Governor’s apology as pseudo because the State Government shutdown a private school (Kingdom Model Secondary School) owned by a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the State on account of cultism.

“This press briefing may be termed late given the Governor’s pseudo apology, but the closure of KINGDOM MODEL SECONDARY SCHOOL, by the government (a private school established since 2004) ownped by the immediate past PDP Chairman of Ezza South L.G.A, Barr. Friday Agbom (who is also my Legislative Aide) 24 hours after that apology on a flimsy excuse that he organizes cult activities there further triggered me to make this press briefing.”

“I want to categorically state that the use of premises to organise cult activities is not and cannot be a flimsy excuse for closing down such premises. In places like Anambra State, such premises will be forfeited to the State Government.

“This may be difficult for Senator Ogba to see because he is too beclouded with emotions and selfishness to be objective on the matter since according to him, the Proprietor of the affected School is his Party man and Legislative Aide in the bargain. His biase is understood and that this same biase disqualifies him from making an unbiased censure of the administrative action of the State, in nipping a potential Security challenge in the bud should equally be understood by him, and by all and sundry.

“Sergeant Obinna Ogba should be commended for his partial honesty in the write-up as at least he vouched for himself only and not for his Aide, Barr. Friday Agbom, the Proprietor of the notorious de-registered Kingdom Model Secondary School, Idembia.

“Yet, it is possible that he may have procured the services of cult groups through a third party who may just be bearing the brunt now, because it beats common sense for anyone to claim to have the scent of roses when his father is Onions and his mother, Garlic. After all, the cherry does not fall far from where its tree stands. Else, what is Sergeant Ogba’s interest in all of these to hold brief for Mr. Friday Agbo and cry more than the bereaved? Is the sergeant advocating for the Lawyer ? Is someone scared that with thorough investigation, Friday Agbo will be a tie-back to him?

“This typical Sergeant Ogba’s irrational submission is the reason why Nigeria is currently plagued by militancy, insurgency and banditry, security threats which ought to be diffused have been left to fester in Nigeria because of the inputs of intellectual lilliputs like Sergeant Obinna Ogba. “

“To think of it, the Proprietor of the infamous Kingdom Model Secondary School, Idembia, has never denied the grievous allegations of his School being the lair and recruiting ground for cultists. He has also failed to approach the court as at today to seek redress.

“Let me advice that trials on the pages of newspapers may not be a solution to this germane issue, especially, as most Parents and Guardians in Ezza South were the first to raise concerns on the nefarious activities going on in the School. This year alone, law-abiding citizens in the area have fled their homes several times as a result of the criminal activities within the precincts of Kingdom Model Secondary School.

“A simple Google search on cultism in Ezza South Local Government Area would show the magnitude of the cult problem in the Area and how it constitutes threat to peace in other parts of Ebonyi State. The Local Government Council has done well in giving re-orientation to repented cultists but where the moratorium for amnesty is snubbed at by social deviants, the menace must be tackled by the Government headlong. After all, the Security and welfare of the people is the primary purpose of Government. “

The former Lawmaker further explained that the reason behind Sen. Ogba’s outburst was simply because he was jealous of the heights and achievements the Governor has attained in his political career to the admiration of all and sundry.

“Sergeant Obinna Ogba talked about Governor Umahi being his possible running mate in 2007, this could explain the source of Ogba’s bitterness, that God has favoured the would-have-been running mate far ahead of him, to the extent that Engr. Dave Umahi has been the State Party Chairman of a once ruling Party, Deputy Governor and now two term Governor, barely Sixteen (16) years after Ogba desired the position of a Governor.”

“Let me remind Ogba that “the curse of the jealous one is that he disputes with fate and contends that his creator is unjust.” In 2023, Ogba would still be running a race he started in 2007 and it is natural that he would be jealous of someone who would be finishing such race by then, especially, if he feels that the person in question ought to be behind him in the race.”

On Ogba’s alleged threat by the Governor, the Council boss counseled those purportedly affected to see “the statement as simply saying that these notorious political misfits will be retired from active politics from where they will not be relevant in the scheme of things and subsequently sink into oblivion. “

“Sergeant Joseph Obinna Ogba alleged that the Governor was making a direct and open threat against Ogba’s life and against the lives of other Indigenes of Ebonyi State when the Governor said ” if they try to fight the State, it will be their last fight, they will not fight again.

“Even if these words are to be construed in their literal sense, the word : “if” makes the sentence a conditional one and by fretting over it, Obinna and cohorts have unwittingly confirmed that they actually have plans to fulfil the condition of fighting the State, ( the meaning of fighting the state is simply to indulge in crimes, fighting to change a Government is different from fighting the State) but is now concerned about the aspect which predicts that it will be their last fight against the State. “

According to him, “the import of the statement is that the masses will reject them at the polls should they progress in their infamy, after all, in the immediate past Administration in Ebonyi State, whoever discussed them in Ebonyi politics? It was Engr. Chief David Umahi who exhumed them from the political dustbin and launched them to power and relevance.

“This is what the Governor means when he asserts “I made every politician in the State”, yes, he did and we all are witnesses to this sacred and undeniable truth. The Governor’s statements may have proved a hard nut for Sergeant Ogba to crack by reason of his scanty education, mental laxity and not too impressive wit, after all “a foolish man’s report of what a wise man says is never accurate, for behold, he unconsciously translates what he heard into what he understands. ”

“I wish to caution Sergeant Ogba to exhibit a modicum of dignity for the Seat he occupies and the hallowed Chamber he is a member of, by desisting from peddling cheap lies like a motor-park tout. How could he accuse Chief Austin Umahi of having sent him a threatening message on the 16th day of August, 2020, urging him to watch his back? What was at stake at that time when defection was not in the picture and which Police Station did he report the matter to, especially given his training in such issues as a retired police sergeant?

“This never happened and that is why he did not complain to any authority, no invitation was extended to Chief Austin Umahi and certainly, he was neither interrogated nor tried for criminal threats to Sergeant Ogba or any other person whatsoever. This penchant for back-dating, enemity even against a personality with no direct business with him shows that Sergeant Ogba is an extremely mischievous person who is desperate to rope everybody into a labyrinth of web like an insane criminal.

“His composure is that of a mad elephant in a China shop, where the elephan’s motto is break every utensil breakable, Ogba’s credo is accuse everybody with a good name, insult anybody with impeccable reputation and foment distraction of the Government by all means. Ogba also carelessly alluded to Governor Umahi’s record of violence in the public domain without citing a single instance of these supposedly innumerable cases.

“This is not a case of cerebral indolence but a matter of desperation to detract from the immaculate image and respectful reputation of the Governor who is an avowed pacifist and who is neither given to threats nor violence. If Ogba chooses not to respect his seat, we insist he must respect the office of our Governor by desisting from casting further aspersions on him.”

On Ogba’s comment that the office of the Governor has always appeared too large for Umahi, Eni took a swipe at the Senator, saying that his remark was “a symptom of dementia and degradation of the stomata of his brain cells”

“It is a known fact that the energy reserve, strength, vigour and vitality bottled up inside of the Governor are grossly under-utilized in the administration of Ebonyi State. Ogba is referring to a Governor who has over Fifty (50) project sites and personally pays supervision visits to each of then at least once in a week. “

The former member of the State House of Assembly described Governor David Umahi as man with a large heart, whose projects are gargantuan and gigantic in conception and in size. He further listed some of the Governor’s projects to include: “twelve (12) double fly-over bridges, the largest ecumenical centre in Africa, a shopping mall patterned after the Dubai mall, a brand new Stadium, World Class Teaching Hospital, International Airport, new Government House, new Presidential Lodge, International Market, over five hundred (500) kilometres concrete road and unprecedented human capacity building and empowerment. “

He said: “He is the most accessible Governor, a man who has demystified Governance and made his Phone Numbers available for all including wheel barrow pushers and who personally responds to their communications. A man of large heart whose projects are gargantuan and gigantic in conception and in size.

“For the records, Governor Umahi has so utilized the office of the Governor that he is perceived as a genius in Statecraft. He runs a direct Administration and can give account of every sector of Government in person as facts and situation of his Administration are within his finger tips. The Governor is such a workaholic that his physical presence is felt daily in every part of the State, the reason the Governor’s Lieutenants sincerely feel that Ebonyi is too small for the quotient of administrative adroitness endowed in the Governor.”