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Is There No Thinking Lawyer In The Nigerian National Assembly?

By Nwokedi Nworisara 
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I get to read the proceedings of our national Assembly over amendment of the 1999 constitution and I shouder at the complaints" of their hands being tied" in making changes to constitutional provisions which was the reason for taking up the process itself. I ask myself whether there are no thinking people in the entire Assembly?

The National Assembly should ask itself a basic question. What is the reason for amending the 1999 Constitution? And the answer is that it is inadequate to fulfil the aspirations of the people as set down in 1963 constitution. So if your doctoring cannot solve the problem why continue? You keep saying that your hands are tied by it's provisions but you forget that this CONSTITUTION is an illegal one created not by the people but by those who were granted only emergency powers by the rump of Balewa's Parliament in 1966; the same succession of Military whose powers did not include to change the true Nigerian constitution but at best to suspend parts of it during their engagement so that when they hand over power back to civilians those parts suspended will automatically be reinstated to prove that the military has disengaged. Now if you can even for once think, ask yourself was these suspended parts lifted in the first military hand over of power in 1979? The answer is no. Ok. Was it lifted in the second Military hand over that led to the 1999 constitution? The answer is no. So what made you think that the two constitutions amended back to back in the same way you are about to do are legal? What makes you think that the military has disengaged? Then show us the proof. If they ever disengaged Nigeria should have automatically revert to the 1963 constitution with return of the suspended parts as agreed. Go ahead read out the paper transferring power to the military from a legal body in 1966 or is your own National Assembly different? If you are different then you too today will lose your legality. There cannot be two Nigeria's. Only one Nigeria in the law. Do the only way to maintain legality of your efforts is to connect with the only legal constitution so that you can discover your own powers cannot be taken away. If an illegal provision is placed before you why build on it if you have lawyers in your midst. Is it not best to challenge the illegality and use your new opportunity to write your names in gold by first calling for full disengagement of the military and follow the legal steps then you can begin to build on the legal constitution itself. I'm ashamed that no one of you can rise above the common place and you still call yourselves lawmakers! The constrain you see is in yourselves not in the job you have been given to do.

Mr. Nworisara aspired to be President of Nigeria in 1992

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