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By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,

In a move to boost the strength and membership of the PDP in Rivers State Princewill's Political Associates (a group of followers and promoters that support Prince Tonye Princewill's brand of politics and cutting across political, religious and tribal divides has set up a Central Transition Committee with Local Government and Ward coordinating bodies with the goal of mobilizing members to registering with the PDP. The body which has Dr. Ibiamu Ikanya as its State Coordinator, Barr Osima Ginah as State Secretary, Chief Eze C Eze as PRO, Dr. Wele Edith as Mobilization Officer in charge of women with Chief Gani Topba as the Mobilization Officer in charge of men, Rev. Ugo Amaechi as mobilization Officer in charge of the Churches, Norisia Pepple as mobilisation officer in charge of youths and Alh Musa Saidu heading a committee as the Mobilization Officer in charge of the non-indigene community among other officers. Dr Ikanya the State Cordinator inaugurating both the State Central Cordinating Body and 23 Local Government Cordinators charged them to be prepared to mobilize every believer of our brand of politics and the good but still undecided people of Rivers State to identify with and join PDP from this week. In the words of our leader “Politics is far too important to be left to politicians.” Therefore even those who are not interested in politics should take an interest in it and join PDP so you too can have a say in how our state and our country is run. Seeing the monumental work Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi is doing in the State, let us join him in the PDP and help him do more. We like to thank our Governor for giving PDP in the State, a human face with the introduction and enforcement of internal democracy, the tolerance of criticism and throwing open of the party to everyone.

“It is the vision of this group to bring the 'People' back to PDP. People should be the determinant of its policies and drives not persons. We have discussed with the Leadership of PDP in Rivers State and we have been assured of a level playing field for all our supporters. We hereby urge all associates across the State to rush to their wards and get registered as PDP in the State will release membership cards for new registration this week. Should any of you encounter any problems in this regard such problem should be brought before your Ward Coordinator who reports to the Local Government Coordinator who in the event they cannot solve such a problem should bring it before the State Coordinating Chairman. If we are to assist to turn around the fortunes of PDP in the country and rebuild the party according to our ideals and beliefs, we must be seen to be practicing those principles ourselves. The fact remains the problem of Nigeria is PDP and if the problem of Nigeria must be fixed, then PDP must be fixed and that is the more reason why we can't continue to watch from outside and throw stones. We must go into the party and make it what it will be for the interest of our country. The fact that Goodluck Jonathan is the leader of the party, Nwodo is now the Chairman of the party, Atiku has returned to the party and Amaechi heads the party in the state leaves us no choice but to accept the fact that the environment for change has been created and a fight with PDP no longer necessary. It is time to return home. The reasons we left are no longer.

In another development, Chief Ndamati a Leader of Rivers State AC has pleaded with Prince Tonye Princewill to come back to the Rivers State AC as the party can't survive without the funding and direction he provided all these years. 'We have found out that without the Prince, all those who have been deceiving us saying they are ready to take over the party and provide the needed funds to run it are all funny people without a vision on how to move the party and the State forward.' His plea for the Prince to come back to the house he committed so much to build came via a phone call to Chief Eze. The Leader further reiterated that he alone knows where the house is leaking and therefore can always put it in order. The Prince however has stated categorically that he has left AC for good and he wishes those staying back the best of luck. “I pray that they could assemble new leaders that will take the party to the next level. I tried to show the way and prove that nobody should be disregarded. It is a pity that some of them didn't appreciate me then and may even not appreciate me now but that is everybody's portion. That is life. My happiness is that we live in a democracy and so we do not have to please everybody all the time. Each and every one of us must carry his or her own cross. I did my best now I must leave them for the rest.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
Media Consultant to
Prince Tonye Princewill