By NBF News

Gloria Nwobu, like other Catholic faithfuls left home for morning mass from her Ejigbo residence on December 19, 2005 without a thought of getting involved in any problem.

But contrary to her expectation of going to pray to God and get back home safely, a serious accident that would paralyze her limbs was what she got.

At close of the mass, Gloria left the St. Mary's Catholic Church, Ire-Akari Estate, Isolo Lagos for home and decided to visit her relation nearby. In a bid to cross the Isolo - Ejigbo road, a commercial bus driven by a learner knocked her down. She lost consciousness. And but for the efforts of good Nigerians that picked her up, she would have died on the spot.

But the story became sour when a nearby hospital rejected her. She was later taken to the Isolo General Hospital. There she was also rejected. At this time, her brother, Mr. Emmanuel Nwobu was contacted.

He took her to St. Emmanuel Hospital Isolo, where she was later admitted for treatment. Although the hospital did its best to fix her broken hip, that was not enough as the matter got worsened. She narrated: 'After treating me at the Emmanuel Hospital, I observed that one of my legs was shorter. I complained to the doctor and he recommended another operation to correct the leg. Surprisingly, after five days, I observed that there was bloodstain on my waist. I also observed the sound in my hip while I moved. When I reported to the doctor, he said that I should not bother, but I was uncomfortable, and as a result, I complained to another doctor in the hospital and he recommended another x-ray to know what was wrong. After the x-ray, they said that the ligaments had not joined properly and asked me to stop walking. Thereafter, they referred me to LUTH.'

Gloria, was relieved, believing that her problem would be solved at LUTH, but was depressed, when she was told that her case was a complex one that could not be successfully handled there.

'When LUTH refused to handle my case, I lost hope, then someone directed me to a hospital at Iba, yet they could not do much. As a result, my people decided to take me to Regina Cherry Catholic Hospital, Awka. There, they told me that my bones had already joined and nothing could be done on it. I was referred to the Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu. I was also told that if waist bone injury lasts for two weeks without being treated, it would be difficult to handle. Therefore, they did not pay attention to my predicament', she explained.

Gloria returned to the Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi, Lagos in February 2008 where she was given several failed appointments till March 2009, when the hospital finally announced that her case could not be handled locally due to lack of equipment.

'When they told me at Igbobi that my problem is beyond Nigeria, it was the height of my dejection. But my family met a medical doctor who recommended that I should be taken to India. We enquired and found a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon over there who specializes in joint replacement. The doctor assured that he would handle my case successfully. According to his recommendation, he will do hip replacement and resurfacing and to go for the treatment, I need N2m.

So, my appeal is to Nigerians as individuals and bodies to assist me financial so that I can walk again. I cannot watch myself paralyzed for life at this young age. I have suffered a lot in wheelchair, in and out of hospital for five years', she pleaded.

Asked whether the church she attends has so far rendered any assistance, she said: 'When I went to St. Mary's Isolo, I was referred to St. Vincent De Paul Society that gave me some money and said that they cannot bear the entire cost. So, that is why I appeal for public assistance.'

The victim's elder brother, Mr. Christian Nwobi said the family has spent so much since 2005 when the accident occurred. Nwobi noted that the trip was highly necessary in order to save the life of his sister, so that she could walk again.

'In fact, we have been battling my sister's problem since 2005, and have spent a lot of money, yet it could not abate and now we are told that she can be treated in India, we will not like to miss the opportunity we have been waiting for. We therefore call for support to do that.'

Gloria is appealing to good natured Nigerians for help. She can be reached on 08060314601.