Ifeanyi Ubah Has No Mental Capacity To Be Governor

By Chima Igwe

Everyday reveals those who have no business thinking, much less asking, that they be considered to run for the Anambra 2021 governorship. As at today they are only two, but nothing says the number will not increase in the course of time.

The number one man who has neither the bearing nor the mental capacity to lead the state is the senator representing Anambra south senatorial district. He talks before he thinks. That he does not understand the difference between bond and promissory note shows the quality of representation he offers the good people of Anambra south. The next election will show whether the people who produced the first PhD holder and the second senate president of Nigeria is happy with this illiterate senator. I do not expect anything short of rejection. He should hurry back to his dwindling business.

It has been my candid opinion that the business of governance should be left to those groomed in the trade. It is not for nothing that Ngige advised Arthur Eze to stop politics that he does not understand it. In the same vein, I am telling Ubah to take a long walk from politics. He does not understand it. He talks when silence should apply.

Ifeanyi and his likes in trading should mind their stock and should not dabble into things they are least qualified to do or discuss. For whatever reason he is in the senate today, but that obviously does not confer on him the diligence and mental alertness required of a senator from the richly endowed Anambra south. Surely, Ubah is not the man for the job, somebody with knowledge is.

The same scenario is almost playing out somewhere in Umuchukwu(Nkerehi). Our dear doctor Maduka who I have always believed is better able to deal with every lthing medicine has misfired. He wants to build 21 universities in Anambra state when the ones in the state are begging to be equipped, starting from UniZik through COOU, OKO, St Paul, Tansian, Madonna to mention a few are all are gasping for fresh air. Why is the pain doctor not thinking of improving these schools when elected? Is it part of the foolishness associated with our people? Why does he want to compound our problem? I just saw in that statement the faux pas of Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state who is thinking of international business when every road in his Ngwa place is in ruins. Again I have said it that the greatest mistake Maduka would be making is to go waste his funds on an election he does not stand a chance of winning his party's ticket not to talk of winning the election. Like the trader Ifeanyi Ubah, Maduka the great doctor should bother with his specialty, anesthesiology. He does not need 21 universities to deliver good education to the people of Anambra.

But if you must not, just assume you are not in this race for anything other than to gather experience. Be apprenticed to any of the big politicians in your area before stepping out. That will save you a lot of trouble.

God and man will not forgive Anambra if she should make the mistake of thinking that an Ubah has any consideration for governorship. Ifeanyi does not know, does not want to know, but believes he should teach everybody else.

If he cannot tell the difference between promissory note and bond and speak about both interchangeably then there is a big problem. He is being goaded in this brazen path by his illiterate followers who are insinuating all manner of breach.

It explains how empty some of our youths who are yessing Ubah along are. They are busy chorusing his warped refrain that Obiano raised bond, no Obiano collected promissory note. Talking from both sides of his mouth has come to define Ifeanyi Ubah -

a rabble rouser with neither the mental capacity nor the bearing of a governorship candidate.

It is the likes of Ifeanyi Ubah and his untamed manners in the hallowed chambers of the senate that cast the Igbo man, nay Anambra man in negative light always.

Chima Igwe

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