#EndSARS: United Kingdom Parliament To Discuss Petition Against Nigeria Today

By The Nigeria Voice

The United Kingdom Parliament has said that a petition seeking sanctions against the Nigerian Government and the Nigeria Police Force over alleged human rights violations during the #EndSARS protests would be debated on today, Monday, 23 November 2020.

This was made known on the parliament’s website while stating that the debate would be led by Theresa Villiers at the Westminster Hall between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

In the debate pack titled, ‘E-petition 554150, relating to Nigeria and the sanctions regime’, the parliament referenced the shootings of #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki Toll Plaza on October 20, 2020, as one of its press articles.

According to the statement, “Parliament will debate this petition on November 23, 2020. You will be able to watch online on the UK Parliament YouTube channel.

“On July 6, the British Government established the Global Human Rights sanctions regime by laying regulations in Parliament under the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018.

“This sanctions regime will give the UK a powerful new tool to hold to account those involved in serious human rights violations or abuses. The sanctions regime is not intended to target individual countries. It will allow for sanctions to be imposed on individuals and entities involved in serious human rights violations or abuses around the world.”

The petition asking the United Kingdom to sanction members of the Nigerian government and police force for human rights abuses over the #EndSARS movement was signed by 220,304 individuals.

The petition, which was created by one Silas Ojo, sought to generate 100,000 signatures.

Any petition signed by over 100,000 individuals will be considered for discussion according to information obtained from the UK parliament’s website.