There Is Nothing Like Igbo President

By Nwokedi Nworisara

Sometimes I wonder how a whole group of people with such high pedigree can be so unthinking in their political aspirations.

How can anyone with brain imagine that there is something called Igbo President. And they are out every 4 years decieving a tribe with such a volume of intellectuals as the Igbo. In the first place, let me educate you in case you don't know. President is a democratically elected head of a country or nation. The Nigerian nation does not recognize tribes as federating units but Regions not even states! So where did you get Igbo President from? From the outset this 419 has demolished itself. But I know where it is coming from. It's an offshoot of military rule trying to stay relevant in a confused diarchy they have been trying to impose on Nigerians since 1979 which has failed woefully today. They have tried all sorts of magical combination to keep afloat their mistake which they said was a "learning process" apology to Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. Since 1986 they have learnt nothing and have destroyed many destinies in its wake,pulling Nigeria back far beyond simple West African neighbours. The purveyors of this military 'no go areas" should bury their heads in shame. So now how do they sustain it? By attempting to awaken sentiments of the only homogeneous groups remaining alive. The ethnic groups, the religions,etc. Now they say the Igbos need to take their turn in a chaotic lopesided structure instead of restructuring. During the #EndSARS Protest, Nigerians discovered a glimpse of the true Nigerian spirit which has been hindered to keep the military in power through surrogates that call themselves politicians. As soon as the new Nigeria awakened every attempt was made in brazen daylight to quench this glorious uprising which made a lie of all the propaganda they had been carrying to keep Nigerians perpetually divided so they can lower the standard and rule over them with forces of coercion. So you could see them panicking as soon as the crowd was nearing the Central Bank in Abuja and considering heading to Aso Rock. So first they discovered that Abuja had indegines. Can you imagine that? I know vividly why Gen. Babangida moved away hurriedly from Lagos in 1991, arguing that Federal Capital should be on neutral ground and I know that Billions of tax payers money was extended to pay off the few settlers in the then forest while some were resettled elsewhere. So they woke them up and used them to create the division that led to burning cars and looting majorly Igbo shops. Suddenly the federal capital territory became no more a no man's land. In Lagos, it was a unity that made the world wonder about the true spirit of the Nigerian as distinct from negative press images. But then the shadowy leaders were threatened so they ignited the conflagration killing protesters and questioning the overflowing anger. Again Igbos would take the brunt. They began to awaken the sentiments that had just been buried but they failed again here. They then carried it over to the Eastern Minorities. At the same time,they are preparing what they call Igbo President!! :using "Igbo" lawyers to defend every insensible act of the government against the protesters. And you begin to ask yourself what exactly is the Igbo? Is it a name or a value system? Can we describe someone as Igbo who served the interest of other tribes rather than his own? Can we describe a "leader" as _Igbo" who has committed ritual, murder or extra judicial killing known or unknown to accend a previous position and infact going by Igbo values, shouldn't we regard him as an outcast?

So how long can Igbos be decieved by those who should know less than them? What kind of igbo president will emerge from a structure designed to marginalise their own people?Which true Igboman will want to run for an office where none of his kits and kin can hold a position in the security infrastructure of his country?

In any case this is not even the focus of today's treatise. This write up will call a lie that desperation of those who have held Nigeria down for so long giving the impression that we are in democracy. This is because recent events have awakened Nigerians to the enemy within. It is not tribe,not religion ,not terrorists but military continuing engagement by other means which must be stopped forthwith.

It's clear that many are waking up to the four yearly 419 that the evil political structure plays on Nigerians. The first step is to stop the thinking that Nigeria is divided or ungovernable,or even that a human being can solve a systemic problem no matter how good he is. So we must restructure but not to merely rewrite the 1999 "Constitution". It does not even qualify as a constitution because the parts do not and will never add up to the whole. The next thing is to understand that the present generation is not equipt to debate anything of what has gone so wrong in the system. The need does not arise here. We already have a nation that has a constitution that has its parts suspended in 1967 with a caveat that when the rule of law was restored by an interim military rule then the suspension will be lifted. Now it is the duty of the National Assembly to determine if "law and order" has been restored by interim military govt. If so then let the military retire to the barracks and stop further engagement in governance. A simple declaration that peace has returned to Nigeria automatically restores the parts of the 1963 constitution suspended in 1967 and restores the federalism. With that all the States return as provinces to their original regions and each Region can build their representative Assembly, Police, etc as provided by law and if there are changes within each region desired as long as they are not systemic changes the Regional Assembly will consider it. Let's do it now before it becomes too late!

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