Supporting Military Invasion Of Oyigbo?

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Well, some people think their identity is tailored based on the state they found themselves. If some Igbo speaking places in Abia were per chance created into Rivers or Akwa Ibom, they will by now denying their Igbo Identity. Anyway, I know a long time that brotherhood is an association of the willing. Someone reminded me of the latter recently.

Please, it is an oversight when you comment on what happened in Oyigbo with cruel intensions. It was #ENDSARS Protest across the country. Very peaceful. Hoodlums hijacked it in many places across the country. So why point acidic finger on Oyigbo as if you know those who hijacked the protest? You speak with a premeditated mind and misplacement of aggression. Coming for the union of brothers, the enemy could plant a seed of discord among them. It is left for the one whose head is still clear to tell his brother that they are one no matter what the enemy has planted. However, the massacre in Oyigbo still boils down to (let me use your word) "bully" of a set of tribe.

This is a hoarse. Benin had a jail break. Lagos recorded misnomers as the ENDSARS protest lasted. Many states shared in the orgy of ruins when hoodlums hijacked it. So, singling Oyigbo out and labelling IPOB as the architect of the misconduct, is a collateral animosity let out by the authorities. Let this hooey stop. Everything that happened in the protest was supposed to go with the protest even though I don't support violence no matter the name given to it. The Oyigbo massacre is a calculated efforts to send a message to Ndigbo there and they got it. Please, do not support inhumanity to man. You deployed soldiers to a small town as Oyigbo with 4 ARMOURED TANKS, over 300 soldiers and they shot non-stop for over 2weeks. Not that anyone or group confronted them. Is this act not a churlish of the Army? I wish what happened in Oyigbo to whoever that is supporting the authorities' miscalculated misgivings in Oyigbo.

We also heard that Tinubu was the sponsor of the ENDSARS. Later we heard he sent soldiers to Lekki. Understanding how damaging propaganda could go, I singlehandedly sent a rebuttal exonerating Tinubu from the fingers of detractors. Today, we have heard who truly sent soldiers to Lekki and not Tinubu. Kanu said this, Kanu didn't say that. The question is, what happened in Oyigbo, did other parts of the country experience them during the EndSARS impasse? They of cause did and it was not Kanu or IPOB that sent for the jailbreak in Benin, the recruited thugs in Abuja and a host of others. So, no matter the intension for deploying soldiers to Oyigbo, the act is gross misconduct of executive power. Would the governor have done so if it were his Rumueme town or any parts of Obio/Akpor LGA? It saddens me when our oil blocs are in the hands of those causing environmental degradations in the Niger Delta and would at the same time send soldiers to kill whoever that raises his voice in condemnation of depriving the people a saintly life. Very soon, the true story of what happened in Oyigbo will be told.

Nov. 11 2020.