The Bad Lad

By Mujeebat Idris
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Mujeebat Idris

Jake was a lad
So terrible so bad
He was told by his dad
To stop acting bad
But the bad lad
Said to his dad
"Dad,you're mad"
The lad's dad
Felt so sad
And went to sit at the yard

The next day -break
When Jake was awake
His dad baked a cake
With the venom of a snake
And called Jake
To help him carry the cake
Fully aware that Jake
Would run away with the cake
And of course,the bad Jake
Ran away with the cake
And ate the cake

Unfortunately for Jake
The venom of the snake
That was baked with the cake
Killed the bad Jake.

Mujeebat Idris is an SS3 student of Ansarud-Deen College, Oke-Ata, Abeokuta,Nigeria/ [email protected]