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Foremost movie actor, Kehinde Segun Remi a.k.a Kanran says that the most awkward role he has ever played in a film was when he acted as the leader of an armed robbery gang.

The filmmaker confessed that acting is not a lucrative business in Nigeria, stressing, “if you want to be an actor because you want to make money, then you must be a joker”. Segun Remi also spoke on his challenges as an actor, his constraints, films, motivations, among others.

I am the last born of a family of six from Pa Samuel Akiremi and Mrs. Sabahina Adewunmi Akiremi. I am from a Christian and highly disciplined home. Out of the six children in my family, three of us are Theatre Arts graduates. Initially, our parents kicked against the idea but they later agreed to our wishes.

First salary
I got it from acting. I was being paid per production. So, my fees varied.

Jobs outside acting?
I minister as a priest.

How I started?
I started acting in 1975. My elder brother,Yemi Akiremi, happened to have motivated me because he is also an actor, a dancer and fine drummer.

Idols/Role models
They are late Pa Orlando Martins, Chief (Dr.) Hubert Adedeji Ogunde, Chief Duro Ladipo, Jab Adu (Bassey Okon) of Village Headmaster, Jimmy Solanke, Elder Moses Olaiya Adejumo (Baba Sala) among others.

First role on stage, TV or Movies?
On stage I played the role of Kurunmi in a play of the same title written by Prof. Ola Rotimi. On T.V., I played the role of a businessman in a soap opera titled Images.

It was on stage when I acted in Langbodo, Nigeria's drama entry to Festac' 77 at the National Arts Theatre Iganmu, Lagos. On television I acted as Alaafin Kanran in a drama shown on Lagos Television, October 1, 1988.

Constraints and challenges
In Nigeria then, there was no money in acting. So, if you wanted to be an actor because of money, you would have been a serious joker. People went into acting because they craved for it. To be a good actor then, you had to be ready to make a lot of sacrifices, meaning that you have to forego every other things and face the theatre. You need to attend rehearsals, engage in exercises, get your lines off-hand, your blockings and movements.

Films acted?
Some of the films I have starred in are Vigilante - by A Productions, Ose- Sango also by A Productions, Eri Okan by Awada Kerikeri Organisation, Itunnu, Bayowa Films, Eewo also by Bayowa Films, Golden Heritage, Idunnu by Alade Aromire, Orire by Alade Aromire, Ofa Oro by Express Fisheries, Ajaka Oko by Suntab, Ayanmo by Ogunde Films, Great Bird of Enternity by Ben Tomoloju, Sharttered Bridge by Dr. Bode Osanyin, Oba Oluaiye by Chief Wale Ogunyemi, Bibi Ire by Prince Jide Kosoko, Ilu le by Otunba Adebayo Salami, I50 Million by Yinka Quadri, to mention but a few.

Internalising roles
In the first instance, an actor must understand the script, interprete and then put himself in the character. Above all, he must enjoy the role.

Most awkward role
It was when I acted as the leader of a robbery gang. The producer and director of the film wanted me to play the role even though it was challenging.

Memorable roles
In each of the following shows, Mega Fortune, The Golden Heritage, Things fall Apart, Ovoramwen - Nogbaisi, The Gods are not to Blame, Alaafin-Kanran and Super Story, the roles I played were challenging and the quality of the artistes was high.

Quiting acting
Yes! For several reasons and they are because Nigerian Federal Government refused to encourage us by pumping money into our industry like they do in sports. Banks, corporate bodies and well- to- do individuals have also refused to fund the industry the way it should be funded. Some of them did not know that it's another avenue to make cool money.

I have given so much to my country as an actor but I receive peanut in return.

The joy of being an artiste. They make people happy; they make them think; they solve peoples problems. Honestly, it makes me happy everyday but if I should wake up broke (financially), my brother that one go get as e be o!

Being a producer, director and filmmaker
You see, it's because of shortage of funds that compels some of our people to become producers, directors, actors and film makers all at the same time. Honestly, it is unprofessional because they are of different offices. The job of a film producer is different from that of a film director. And a good artiste will hadly be able to handle both together.

He is going to remain an actor for life but that is if he is well paid. But if you are short of money, you may not have any choice than to be a foreman. But we thank God that these days, things have really changed for the better.

Current projects
Some of them include: The Black Card, Alaafin Aganju, Omo Ela, Election Fever, Behind the Mask and Abenilori.

Future plans
In the next five years, I want to see myself as an international actor, a good script writer, A man of the people both home and abroad, A successful man in my own career and a happy and peaceful husband and run a happy home. I also want to be an intelligent producer that can produce good films in several other languages.

I see Nigerian movie industry in another five years crossing our international borders. I also see Nigerian movie industry next to oil

Social life
I fast, pray and travel to meet friends. Aside from that, I stay in Church to minister as a priest. I listen to music ranging from different artistes like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, King KWAM 1, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Blues music, Christian gospel music, High Life, Victor Olaiya, Lagbaja, Orlando Owoh