United States Presidential Election 2020.

By Joseph Babatunde Oduntan

America the progenator and an advocate of democracy in our modern day world, will be going to the polls on 3rd November,2020 to elect a president.

The election tussle which will attact observers, media men and women from within and outside America is between the incubent president, Mr. Donald J. Trump of the Republican party, who is seeking a second term in office, based on peoples' evaluation of his first term in office and Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden(Jr.) of the Democratic party, who has a great intention and hope for the top American office.

Mr. Biden is contesting for the top American post as a favourite option for the people to open a new history book as the 46th American president.

Political observers outside Washington D.C. however believe that he has a good first term score card record.

As regards his policy on health care for the people, the out break of pandemic Corona Virus disease with large number of reported cases and deaths in America, has not gone down well with many Americans.

The public protests that polarised America over the brutal killing of Mr. George Floyrd by the police did not gladden the herts of many people too.

Whatever the political situation in America as of today, the evaluation of President Trump's first term in office is not to damping his good sportmanship spirit or dampen the love Americans have for him, but should be ready to make amendments, should he again win the mandate of the people in the coming election for a second term.

America's Democratic party is known for its brilliant ideas and ideaology to improve the lives of Americans rich or poor, irrespective of their race or colour.

The Presidential flag bearer in the up coming election is Mr. Joseph R. Biden. He was a former Senator and the 47th American Vice President during the administration of president Obama. Like an experienced and well exposed statesman, Mr. Biden performed excellently in his campaign rallies and debates to show his interest for the top post to the people.

Mr. Biden, a devout Catholic will make history as the first American presidential candidate to pick a woman as his running mate.

If Mr. Biden's prayer and ambition is for the top post in America, then definitely the people must let their votes for him say it on election day.

I would advice that all registered American voters, young and old must shun whatever might discourage them to come out in great numbers to exercise their franchise as this is their civic duty and responsibilty to the great nation they so much love.

The antecedents of the two giants must encourage and enhance individual's choice of a candidate for president to lead the country.

The prosperity and future of children yet unborn is in the hands of all Americans.

We wish you all a peaceful, free and fair election.