Problem In Oyigbo (8)

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Odimegwu Onwumere

I have chosen to be, and if people
believe in luck, they ought pray to be lucky.

Oyigbo has become a hapless book to read,
a tearful song to listen to or share.

Residents have shown non-slumber spirit,
at a time sleep resembles death.

I mourn the dead on all side, and my orison,
for people to lead a good life.

Left for the gunshooters, they will never be satisfied. Killing is a negative tactic,

toying with the living like beasts
should be abhored for man

to regain the base of human nature. I
hold hope tenaciously, like

soldiers hold flag of a conquered nation. Yes,
Oyigbo might have been tortured, but her

good spirit shall emerge from the ocean
of slumber, and the once hapless voice

shall herald the unchanging disaster. Let
man be kind to the halpless inhabitants.

Soldiers might have subjugated residents
to bystanders, let them enforce

planet of peace. The spirit of Oyigbo
has been woken to the call of kindness.

One day, all shall agree that
poets are magicians, stronger than

soldiers stationed in Oyigbo.

Nov. 1 2020.