Oyigbo Massacre Videos Emerge On Facebook

By Odimegwu Onwumere

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Kindly come to our aid in Oyigbo, Rivers State, Nigeria. The Military whose job is to restore law and order are killing innocent people and making life unbearable for the people of Oyigbo and it's environ. What looks like an ethnic cleansing of the Igbo race is going on silently in this community (Oyigbo). A 24hr curfew that has lasted for over a week plus now has brought about extreme suffering. No food, no water and no electricity.

The presence of the military in this community was to fish out the said IPOB members that allegedly killed security personnels couple of days ago. Instead of the military and police to do their work professionally without harming the innocent, they are busy killing and harassing the Innocents. Stray bullets from their sporadic shootings have claimed the lives of many people including children.

If this persist, we will not have any other option than to tag it a genocide. And the blood of the innocent lives that have been lost will definitely be upon those who have given such an order.