Nigeria; The Matter No Pure

Source: Dr. Prince Charles Dickson

It’s not only Nigerians that deserve a new Nigeria; Nigeria also deserves New Nigerians!

Let me start my admonition with the story below, as carried by Fox News

American hostage rescued in West Africa by SEAL Team 6 in daring raid

The rescue took place earlier Saturday in northern Nigeria

An American hostage has been rescued in Nigeria by SEAL Team 6 in a daring raid, Fox News has learned.

The elite commandos jumped out of a U.S. Air Force transport plane a few miles from the target. Without suffering any casualties, the SEALs rescued Philip Walton, 27, after killing a number of his captors.

Walton had been taken hostage by armed men last week, officials told Fox News.

One U.S. official briefed on the mission tells Fox News it would not have been successful without the help from other military services and the intelligence community.

“It was an extraordinary team effort with different parts of the joint force making this happen,” the official said.

President Donald Trump tweeted out a show of support, calling the SEAL team members "brave warriors," and saying that "our nation salutes the courageous soldiers behind the daring nighttime rescue operation." In a separate tweet, Trump described the operation as a "big win" for the elite force.

Speaking before a crowd in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Trump added: "The kidnappers wished they had never done it. We got our American citizen, we got our young man back, but the other side suffered gravely."

So why is it impossible for an entire nation to agree that her citizens died in unfortunate circumstances, why is it that we cannot even agree who was responsible, who gave orders, why is it that we need, Amnesty International, and experts to agree that there was killing or it was a death, two deaths or more...Who kill our pikin dem for Lekki, when we cannot agree on whether Lekki was a massacre, is it not because we refuse to acknowledge that in places like Southern Kaduna, places in Plateau, Katsina, Zamfara, Adamawa, Yobe and Borno genocide has occurred as a result of a failed r2p architecture.

So, who is responsible for giving orders, we most likely will end up with an Unknown Soldier scenario. If we remove Mr. Trump's politics, look at how a nation values her citizens, if we call it American PR stunt, which is the Nigerian PR.

So Edo Prisons was attacked, and there was a jailbreak, I find it instructive that the facility is called White House; imagine attacking America's White House. Weeks gone, do you see the ratio of those that have returned back to the Prisons? Nobody has been held responsible; everything is in the realm of speculation, rumor and hearsay.. We cannot seem to agree on anything, our matter just no pure!

So we have peaceful protesters, thugs, hooligans and criminals and all na youth...then we have politicians who cannot share palliative door to door yet suddenly have capacity and are searching door to door to arrest and retrieve looted palliative, all are Nigerians, this life no get balance and the matter no pure.

Wait, wait...before I go far, where is, and was Amotekun, with the wild wild west almost briefly replicated with all that warehouse looting and arson against both public and private property. And in the same vein, the Niger Delta youths have given the not exactly Federal Government s 7-Day ultimatum on resource control, citing the Zamfara gold one penny question would be if we share resources from oyel, why we no day share the one from mining, or that from potatoes, all na from ground. Our matter no be today!

The cry for restructuring is loud; the truth is that what we have is a crybaby feeding bottle of fiscal federalism that is center heavy and body weak and loose. States are bankrupt, yet with almost every state with innate human and natural resources to stand on its own. So another one-penny question, how do you restructure a non-existing structure? We need structures, systems and then we can see what works and restructure, and sadly what exists now is putting something on nothing.

We cannot agree on State Police, we are not sure on how to discuss devolution of power, but again how do we give enormous power to governors that cannot manage noodles. Local leaders that could not be trusted to feed their own people, and a people who when they had access to proving that they were better descended to a crude level of looting. Like governed like the governors...

Was it me, or a matter that isn't just straight, while Nigeria was on fire COVID19 was on leave of absence, even the now popular 9jabet looking like PTF on COVID19 dashboard was nowhere to be found.

So let us go back to my first paragraphs on the US soft invasion of Nigeria to rescue her citizen the matter no just pure. Sadly this is Nigeria where nothing works and no one cares, when it works, it is because someone’s interest is about to be served or being served not the people’s interest.

Our matter no pure because Nigeria is not our country, it is their country; there is no sense of love, passion, and commitment to contribute and impact greatly to its birth or rebirth. There is a we versus them...

Let me end with this fable, a Rabbit entered a shop and asked: "Do you have carrots?". They said, "no we don't have." The following day the rabbit came to the shop and asked again, "Do you have carrots?" They replied angrily, " We said we don't have carrots, if you come back again asking, we gonna screw a nail in your head with a hammer!" The third day the rabbit came yet again and asked, "Do you have a hammer? They replied, "NO." He said, "What about nails?" They said, "NO." Then he calmly asked, "Do you have carrots?"

Our matter no pure because every Friday and Sunday mountains of prayers booms out of our churches and mosques; intact I overheard someone say of my governor why the curfew, we need go church on Sunday to thank god for the palliatives, and then another says, he lifted the curfew so Muslims can rather than transformational revolution which our country needs through redefining our patriotism, we bask in religious idiosyncrasies.

For our lives as Nigerians to get small balance, Nigerians in Nigeria need to build formidable institutions. We need a nation that her leaders would die for, for the umpteenth time, do we have carrots, leadership at all levels that are transparent, and truly independent, and fairly incorrupt and accountable to both the man in suit as well as market women on their duty...If not the current gross economical assault, unbalanced deprivation and inhuman treatment of generations past and present, and all the impurities of the current charade will lead to an uprising, and only time will tell

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