Not Your Problem Today But It Will Surely Be Tomorrow

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE

The perspicacity of many Nigerians is in deep question.

Why do Nigerians habitually leave the substance to chase shadows?

Is it a curse that Nigerians cannot discern emerging threats until they are engulfed by them?

Are they so daft to never act preemptively, decisively, and proactively rather than always reactively?

Recall that against all sound advice they stupidly reelected President Muhammadu Buhari, a man who promised 'CHANGE'.

He ended up only changing the financial circumstances of himself, his family, his kith and kin, as well as his fawning cronies, for the better.

He then promised Nigerians 'NEXT LEVEL'.
All they have enjoyed from him so far is next level brutality and pauperization.

The very same people who proudly posted banners in support of President Muhammadu Buhari's re-election on social media last year, are today shamelessly derisive and dismissive of his performance.

These are Nigerians for you.
President Buhari who rejected the restructuring of Nigeria off hand, is currently trying to restructure the country to his own image and liking with his Water Resources Bill.

The Bill is ultimately aimed at supplanting, and encircling indigenous Nigerians with imported, weaponized Fulani.

The expansionist, minority Fulani using the levers of Government currently exclusively at their disposal, seem poised to perpetually dampen the progress of Nigerians, asphyxiate them culturally, subjugate them politically, extinguish them spiritually, and exploit them economically, like they did to the majority Hausa.

Going by the Punch Newspaper report of October 31, 2020, about the Minister of Water Resources locked in a secret meeting with members of the National Assembly, Buhari has launched his final onslaught on Nigerians' elected Representatives to pass his defective and diabolical Water Resources Bill.

Many of these elected Nigerian Representatives and Senators will cut off their index fingers, sell their first born children and ritually sacrifice their biological mothers for a bagful of US dollars.

Without a doubt, going by previous experience, public money in the billions from the Nigerian Treasury is changing hands right now even as you read this.

Warning their elected Representatives that they should totally reject Buhari's Water Resources Bill ought to be of utmost concern to Nigerians at this time.

Recalling, debriefing, and informing their elected Representatives of their trenchant, irreducible, and irreparable opposition to Buhari's unitarist Water Resources Bill should imperatively be the order of the day right now.

Not only does the Water Resources Bill restructure the country, something Buhari says he rejects; it is antithetical to true Federalism; it is laden with loopholes for treasonable abuse; and it is emblematic of Buhari's recurring penchant for saying one thing and doing the exact opposite.

All this from a fraudulent, self-advertised, 'Man of Integrity.'

The irony of Buhari arrogating to himself and by extension to his Fulani ethnicity, with whom he is irretrievably joined to the hip, the right of restructuring Nigeria, while denying other Nigerian ethnicities the same right, should not be lost on anyone.

This should be uppermost in people's minds right now.

But will Nigerians ever learn?
Will Nigerian elites who are elitist only in consumerism, showboating, and gossip, but pedestrian in ideas, intellectualism, and ideology, organize themselves and rise up to the occasion by snuffing out this emerging Fulani expansionist threat decisively?

Or will they as usual bury their faces in foreign Cable TV, argue themselves hoarse in the Social Media on the respective electoral merits and chances of Sleepy Joe vs Sleepless Donald in the US Presidential Elections, but regarding the Fulani threat to their future well-being, raise their hands heavenwards to proclaim, "Not my problem?"

We shall see soon enough.
A people should get what they richly deserve by their actions or inactions.

We wait and watch.
Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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