Igbo Cllrs & Mps Uk ( Icm~uk) Strongly Condemn The Killings Of Igbo & Nigerian Youth During The Ongoing Peaceful #endsars #endswat Protest In Nigeria.

By Igbo Councillors And MPs UK (ICM~UK)
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We the Igbo Councillors And Mps In Uk wish to express our Solidarity with the Igbo & Nigerian Youths who have been out on the streets of our major Nigerian cities, towns and villages and even major Diaspora cities including London UK, to protest against the killings of innocent Igbos & Nigerians by members of the Police, Special Anti- Robbery Squad ( SARS).

We condemn the senseless shootings and hideous killings of our young, innocent unarmed #EndSARS protesting youths by members of the Nigerian Military and State Security Apparatus in the Lekki area of Lagos, Aba, Enugu, PortHarcourt, Benin City, Warri, and other cities in Southern Nigeria on 20th October 2020.

These attacks across the country have resulted in the loss of multiple lives. Youthful and innocent bloods shed because they dared speak up for their fundamental human rights.

The ICM~UK therefore calls on the British Government as our former Colonial Masters and current trading partner to halt what is happening in Nigeria and call out to the Federal Government to :

1. Halt all attacks by the use of live ammunition or any form of military force on these innocent unarmed protesters with immediate effect.

2. Provide free urgent medical care treatment to all those wounded during the military attack at Lekki and all across the country during these protests, and adequately compensate the families of anyone who lost their lives in military killings or in the hands of the notorious SARS over the years.

3. Release all those unlawfully detained during the #EndSARS protests.

4. Trace, identify and lawfully prosecute all those involved in the military operations that killed these innocent civilians.

5. Do everything within the rule of law to restore and maintain law and order in the Country and

6. Honour all the lawful requests of the #EndSARS youth protesters which they had outlined during their protests, making sure that the government put things in place to make sure that our youths and indeed the whole country shall never get to this sort of low point in our history again.

7. *Provide security and jobs for our youths.

We stand in solidarity with our youths and all those fighting against tyranny, oppression and injustice all over the world.

Cllr Nneka Keazor (Coordinator General ICM-UK)
Hon Endy Ezenwata (Secretary General, ICM-UK)
On behalf of Igbo Cllrs & MPs in UK