*blood-stained White*

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Odimegwu Onwumere

. *Blood-stained White*

When I saw blood on the white laced with green, representing a country,

I know that grief has been abused in the streets, where demanding for a better country

has become a crime. #EndSARS ordeal at Lekki
will be in the bloodiest note of human history.

Innocent protesters maimed at their gathering
when peace became a colourful metaphor,

and those meant to protect the citizens,
wear vests written bloody declaration of war.

Soldiers make hollow places with their writing
on human lives, a sign of brute education.

The protesters cried that their light was offed
and they were made the lollipop oozing blood.

I wept when I saw the blood-stained White in the Green, blood of innocent souls begging for

a better country and yet, the country showed
it can't be better by pummeling justice

in the bloody grave where the living read
horrifying acts that might provoke the living

to look out for their blond swords and sharpen them. It is sad when those you feel will protect you,

started to massacre you and eat alive
different people's flesh. It's not crazy?

I pontificate on the disgusting bloody movement sacked of protesters life,

and dialogue was killed alongside prudence
and the fainted White was stained with blood.

Under this fearless spirit, not like clerics
divided by scriptures, I see a generation

not ready to be subjected to accept
what they don't want to be.

Oct. 21 2020.