A D King Foundation Cautions Buhari Against Use Of Force On Peaceful Protesters

By Prof Babs Onabanjo

A D King Foundation, US, has cautioned the Federal Government of Nigeria against the use of force against peaceful protesters in Nigeria.

The Foundation called on President Buhari not to heed to the call by some of his advisers, kitchen cabinet members and military leaders to roll out the tanks and crush the peaceful demonstrations across the nation.

The statement reads : “President Buhari must be wise by listening to the voice of reason and address the compelling issues raised by the protesters, otherwise, the use of the military to stop the peaceful protesters will be counter-productive, abuse of public trust, irresponsible and a crime against humanity.”

“If the military or government’s hired thugs succeed in killing any peaceful protesters in Nigeria, the Foundation would rally a coalition of international organizations that would lobby United States government and other western countries to impose sanctions on all the members of President Buhari’s cabinet, their family members and all sympathizers who are culpable.”

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Nigerian youths to demand an end to police brutality, youth unemployment, corruption, nepotism, insecurity and uninspiring leadership."

The foundation applauded the resilience of the Nigerian youths and their peaceful conducts during the protests (direct action) which is in line with the guiding philosophy (Nonviolent Principles) of Rev. A.D. King (the blood brother of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr) who believed that war is never the answer and non-violence means will always overcome all means necessary.

He believed that building bridges of mutual understanding, cooperation, goodwill, respect and love for humanity across gender, race, religion and culture will achieve peaceful coexistence and bring us closer to building a peaceful loving and gracious beloved community of humanity. Peace is not the absence of conflict; it is the presence of justice. Let peace and justice reign in Nigeria.

Prof. Babs Onabanjo & Dr. Joe Beasley
Georgia, United States
18th October, 2020