Essential Constabulary: From Sars To Swat, Different Name, Same Game-plan.

By Anthony Chuka Konwea, PhD, PE

Faced with unprecedented, spontaneous agitation in the South and Middle Belt regions of Nigeria against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit of the Nigerian Police a.k.a. SARS, the Buhari Administration succumbed, and essentially “changed its name” to SWAT.

We shall soon see the difference if any, between the two units.

No one needed a crystal ball to realize that it would come to this.

It all boils down to the fact that Nigerian youths are chasing one symptom while the root malady is left unaddressed.

Ask yourself why Southern and Middle Belt youths are agitating for the end of Police brutality and Fulani youths in the far north are not?

Like the herdsmen bandit-terrorists, the SARS unit of the Nigerian Police is an expansionist tool for the subjugation of southerners and middle belters.

Its essential replacement unit will be no different. Mark my words.

The Buhari Administration have been unable to secure a permanent homeland in the south and Middle Belt states, promised to the herdsmen bandit-terrorists invited into Nigeria.

In frustration and anger, these aggrieved herdsmen have taken out their frustrations on the people that invited them especially upon vulnerable peasants in the Hausa and Fulani countryside.

That is why the Fulani and Hausa youths are agitating for the end of banditry.

Instead of using the defunct SARS, many of whom may be Fulani bandit-terrorists engaged by the police, to round up and decimate the Fulani bandit-terrorists, Buhari unleashed them to subdue Southerners instead.

By one account there are more police checkpoints in the South East zone, than the whole of Nigeria put together.

So we have a vicious circle that goes like this:
Buhari cannot create new Fulani emirates in the South and Middle Belt for bandit-terrorists he invited into Nigeria.

In frustration he uses the Police to terrorize and subdue the South and Middle Belt.

The Fulani bandit-terrorists, frustrated because Buhari has been unable to keep his territorial promise, have vented their anger at the far north instead.

So the far north wants more policing to subdue the Fulani bandit-terrorists.

But the South and Middle- Belt want less policing.
Buhari wants the opposite.
That is less policing for the far north, and more policing for the South, to protect his planned Fulani settlements.

You cannot conquer a territory without militarizing its space and you cannot maintain your conquest of an unwilling people without permanent militarization.

Unable to secure territory for his Fulani expansionist scheme, Buhari cannot and will not crush the bandits he invited for a purpose.

To achieve and maintain that purpose, he cannot and will not stop using the Police to terrorize and subdue the South and Middle Belt.

From SARS to SWAT the merry-go-round continues, except that the clock is ticking for Buhari.

It is now 2 years and 7 plus 1/2 months left for him to carry out his diabolical expansionist, territorial annexation plans.

May he continue to fail spectacularly to the very end.

Anthony Chuka Konwea, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, MNSE, FNIStructE, MNICE.

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