SARS; And the powers of Determined youths

By Kareem Itunu Azeez

The last time Nigerians spoke in one voice was back then in 1993, the aftermath of a cancled election, which would have changed the narratives of the country. So when eventually i decided to give an eye to the current protest across the country, then i felt history perhaps is repeating itself, and importantly, Nigerians are seemingly understanding that power truly belongs to them.

After the careless murders of various civilians in the name of operation stop and search, Nigerians seems to have had enough, an "ENOUGH" that is long overdue, brutalities by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, in the name of searching for Yahoo-boys, had gone beyond the horizon, while different reports from different parts of the country about their brutalities had gone underneath the carpets and just like a river, it flows without stoping to be corrected, until recently, and even right now as i write, the Great Nigeria youths, united by protest and destructive if angered are out on the streets again.

Channels television had tweeted, "We will not back down until we see the end of F-SARS, from the cold city of porthacourt, and even in Lagos, vigil were held across various center, from youths who have many times failed to realise how important their role is, if Nigeria must grow, and if truly suffering will be condemn to the bearest minimum.

Many of us lost faith in the power to make a change as own by the Youths who dominates 60-70% of her countrys population, due to the many irrelevant things they wield their strenghts on, Nigerian youths won't protest about bad governance, they won't protest the high cost of living, they won't protest excessive cost of government and unreasonable wages and salaries received by their politicians, but will protest over minor issues or raise awareness over issues that divert the attention from the true problem, and infact morally wrong, so i am still surprised about where this energy is coming from.

If now is the time, we embrace the spirit of Anikulapo Kuti, then our Demo-dey-craze, would begin to return to Democracy, then erazing the SARS, would not be a bad starting point, achieving this, is not going to be a statement, but rather the begining of a saner society, dominated by offsprings who independently understands the power of majority, not by tribe, race, but Nigeria.

Fela, who exited the world on the 3rd August 1997 may God bless his soul, from time immemorial had said it all, in his kalakuta days, that Nigerians fear too much, and so they rather be pushed to the wall, he has said this then when atleast we were still very much united but today, it amazes me at the level of how divided we have become, ethnicity has so clouded our reasoning faculty that we can go to war against humanity and good living, should anyone cross the borderline of our tribe, by mistake and uninvited

When the Nigeria police freed about 25 anti-government protesters, in Lagos, subsequent protest were assumed would not rise, due to the nature of how fearful and carefree we are, but a month after the youths are on the streets again. This is only possible, because on a daily basis people continue to get even more angry, because an hungry man is an angry man. Various protest had come and gone yielding nothing or meagre results, and i am glad Nigerians are recently gaining their feet now, however the possibility of the government not yielding easily is on the horizon, they know too well the success of this would birth newer protest against old vices, and in no time, the real clamour of the dreaded Revolution now would crop up again, but we will not let that take away the fact we deserve and have the right to good living.

The Nigeria President replied to the clamorings of the people through his twitter page, he said, "The vast majority of men and women of the Nigeria Police Force are patriotic and committed to protecting the lives and livelihoods of Nigerians, and we will continue to support them to do their job" a shallow reply one had said, and indeed shallow is the report, the president is totally wrong to have use such word as "Vast Majority" which of the vast majority was he referring to, is it the 371,800 police strenght of which 30%/ of them are shielding politicians, and a further of them are on roadblocks extorting people and drivers of their hard earn money, or the unscreened process and manner through which some mentally inbalance men are given guns in the name of SARS, President Muhammadu Buharis' reply simply shows his unawareness of the situations on ground.

Comparing his reply to that of British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing, who acknowledged the desire of the people calling for the scrapping of SARS, and instead urged President Muhammadu Buhari to build more accountability in the police, this to me is even a bigger reason never to stop at the SARS alone, but a continuos fight for a freer environment, where politicians are all treated equally with the masses.

I ask, where are the TUC, NLC, ASUU, ASUP, Civil Service Commission during this torrid times? Maybe we should wonder less, why NLC, TUC, ASUU and many public wings are not involve in this, reasons are not far feteched, that is simply because salaries are not what we are clamouring for, the corrupt NLC is also another major problem we have in our country undecided and deceitful as they are, few weeks ago, they had decided to embark on a nation wide protest, of which those under their jurisdiction were already prepared, only to succumb like they have always done to the wits of the government, at midnight, how terrible. Therefore my conclusion on them is, every public associations now have a government influence in it, and at such, little or no public good would be achieved.

Two days ago, the Federal Government had instructed the IGP (Mohammed Adamu) to order the removal of all roadblocks, by the Nigerian police, well the road blocks are still there, because the #50 the police are attracted to would stop, and that isnt even on the agenda, if you doubt my word, a courtesy visit should be paid to Okoko, Ajangbadi, and many other places where police are found, you will see the new strategy of how they operate, they are the depiction of thieves we cant catch, But the power of a united voice is unshakeable.

Altough there are even more than the tragedies of today, in the perspective of the SARS, but the deeper problems of our country lies in the foundation, and if eventually the SARS is scraped, there is no assurance that another monster is not lurking around the corner, and as a people, if we can summone ourselves at this larger number, nothing stops us to in truth put ourselves together and speak through the election system as well, demanding for fairness amd truth maybe that way, a lot of things would begin to change, in the power of united protests.

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