Besigye's Baba Interview was so revealing!

Source: Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, UK.
Dr. Warren Kizza Besigye Kifefe
Dr. Warren Kizza Besigye Kifefe

I listened to Besigye’s interview with Baba TV on 6th October 2020, and I’m happy that he still holds the same values he held before, and he isn’t into appeasement of voters anymore. He asked journalists not to bring him garbage stories, like him owning the company that supplies tear gas in Uganda—‘how can I be selling teargas to the same government that has been using it on me for years?’ he asked.

He's also shown, for those who still had any doubts, that he is a principled man who isn’t afraid to even upset the ignorant voters: he asked Ugandans who doubt him to follow those they believe in; he also mentioned that the biggest ignorant population of Uganda are the young, and that this is something that should worry everyone in the country—they seem not to be wise enough. I have personally mentioned this before in one of my previous articles highlighting that ignorance is Uganda’s biggest problem now.

It's going to be a difficult five years after the 2021 elections. Given the current electoral system, a divided opposition and continuous mudslinging of Besigye by Kyagulanyi’s group-- will just result in another Museveni landslide.

So I urge you all to ask yourselves some questions: when you spend most of your time on social media attacking Besigye and others you found in the struggle (if at all you are in the struggle), who do you think you're helping? When you take the fight to fellow strugglers rather than to the NRMs, what are you trying to achieve? How much worse does it have to get before we all realise that getting Museveni out isn’t going to be done by the ballot?

Before you come jumping on me that I criticise NUP and Kyagulanyi so much, you have to realise that I probably wouldn’t be doing it if NUPs, like Patricia Ssewungu, Fred Lumbuye, Peng Peng, e.t.c, had left Besigye alone. Those malcontents have done a lot of damage that you could ever imagine.

Many people joined the struggle because they were inspired by Besigye and his genuinely progressive proposals, and watched with incredulity his political assassination by members seemingly within the opposition every bit as much as the usual suspects outside the opposition.

My little advice to Kyagulanyi’s supporters is simple: stop slandering people in the opposition; everybody(NRM or opposition) matters regardless of their age, and stop thinking that kyagulanyi is the definition of opposition politics in Uganda. I’m saying that if you want to win people over you need to connect with the issues that matter to them. For instance, it still doesn't make sense to me why people are wasting time on the issue of Museveni's academic certificates, when he has been in power for 35 years, and he hasn't got so long left. The world doesn’t revolve around what you think should be front page news.