Police Despotism

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Our sensation was lost, when
we saw next citizens leveled as beasts
in the streets few mounted
an insignia of hatred and intimidation.

Our hope hung on our intestines, and
our silenced anger was no longer briddled.

The country marched to end police brutality,
something that developed more than disease.
Something more than death had been
living in the air.

Police infused fear in the lives of citizens,
just for the purpose of controlling them, and
people's mouths were ladened with words,
so heavy to utter.

We saw tyranny developing, like
plant being fed with organic life, but
we wanted to set the caged human dignity free,
to dwell in a country where blood and power would no more intoxicate the few.

Police got the people by their emotions, and
they hullabalooed #EndSARS,
that hadn't the balls to police,
only to intimidate and maime citizens,
whose minds and hearts were
ladened with anger of Police Despotism.

Oct. 8 2020.