My Open Letter To The President: My Comnent On Buhari's Facebook Page.

By Dr Tosin Akindele 

Mr President,
This is a rare opportunity for me to speak directly to you.

Nigerians have been led to believe that you are a good man but for the mindless vultures that surround you.

Perhaps those thoughtless vultures who surround you would allow you to read this:

I will shelve all preambles and greetings and get to the point.

It would have been easier on you and us if you are as kind and as caring as you led us to believe.

I was one of the many Nigerians not of Fulani extraction who wrote articles in your favor, pouring encomiums on you. My profile page bears ready credence to that! Use a browser to gain access to my articles. The links in the list should lead you to them, especially in the Nigerian Voice.

Your SA on media is not doing you justice by shielding you from the pains, wishes, aspirations, cries and agonies of our people.

You were not elected in as a Fulani president but as the president of our entire nation. Your appointments and other lopsided actions indicate otherwise!

This nation is on a precipice. Agitations for separation are at the loudest.

Don't think you can simply mow down other constituents as your appointments into the highest echelons of the armed forces and infrastructure in rail networks and oil in the north would suggest.

At the moment, I have descended from one of your most vociferous supporters to one of the most disappointed and disgusted with your administration!

I, like millions of your erstwhile supporters, feel sorely betrayed by the way you turned out.

Dr Tosin Akindele.