Desperate Situation

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Odimegwu Onwumere

Desperate Situation

I was on the deadly mountain near the town
where roads swallowed other roads, and
forests sang of human graves, and
rivers wept for overflowing of blood, and
land germinated crops with human manure.

I tied the knot but couldn't hold on,
but it's not the end of my hope.

I saw people acting as desperately
as they wished. There was tenacity to act
on the desperate situation,

where people jumped up and sank
in a river that was catching fire.

What you were thinking wasn't
what I was thinking. Many
were thinking of commiting suicide.

There was hunger caused by sadness, and
I saw majority in lonely situation, and
their situation made the loudest noise.

This place was cursed with people's dark tears,
but I shall find my blessings in the curse.

I have found out that
some kiss are meant to be quick,
but the fire it leaves in heart of the lover
serves a life time.

Who will explain to me why crimes of
the rich go unpunished? Under the mountain,
lies the tribute to the never-give-up
of the human spirit, and

the wave sings of me to hold my humanity,
no matter what I have seen on the mountain.

Oct. 3 2020.