Dependent Not Independent

By Emem James Usen

Nigeria gained independence on 1st October,1960; a story we are all familiar with in which a new constitution gave birth to a federal system with an elected prime minister and a ceremonial head of state. The NCNC (National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons) headed by Nnamdi Azikiwe after the death of Macaulay in 1946, formed a coalition with the NPC (Northern People Congress) since neither of them won a majority during the 1959 General elections. Balewa continued to served as the prime minister, a position he held since 1957 while Azikiwe took the ceremonial position of President of the Senate. These and many more brought about the story of Nigerian Independence.

In few days , Nigeria will clock 60, yet we can't boast of any productivity as a country which claims to be independent but still dependent on raw materials from other countries. As at March 31st, 2020. The total money Nigeria borrowed from China was USD 3.121 billion (N 1,126.68 Billion at USD/N 361). The money borrowed from China were mainly for the Nigerian Railway Modernization Project (Idu - Kaduna section) and many more railway projects. Among all the issues bothering us as a country, our ever trust worthy, reliable and Corruption- free Government placed the Nigerian Railway Project over security, employment and food. There are important issues bothering the country like the killings in southern Kaduna, Kidnapping, increase of unemployment, inflation of fuel prices and goods. Which I think is more important to tackle than unnecessary projects which will never come to realization or completion.

Again, I ask this question , Are we really independent or dependent? We boast of three crude oil refineries yet we suffer while our corrupt leaders refine their fat account on daily basis. What is the usefulness of our independence, if we cannot brag of a competent educational sector ,a functional society and corrupt free economy. We are totally dependent on corruptions, tribalism and nepotism. It's not about marking ceremonies every year but what have we achieved as an "Independent" country.

Emem James Usen writes for . She lives in Lagos, you can reach her via [email protected]

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