APC: Must we loose Ondo?

By Yusuf Adamu
Yusuf Adamu
Yusuf Adamu

We have been in power for over five years now, and have made impact in many areas of our country's politics space. We have won landslide victories in elections and we have the love of the electorates. But certain political miscalculations and rough riding within the party has robbed us of opportunities to maintain acolytes from the electorates. We have moved with hope but with caution as well in the election that was suppose to be our chance again to put opposition to silence.

However, we are not regretting even though the fall was heavy. We admit it was our mistake, and we would continue to thank Mr. President for the display of maturity and statesmanship. As progressive people we are moving forward to the next round of election in Ondo. But we must not fail here again.

The election in Edo state has came and gone. It was sadden that our party the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC lost the election despite all the support by party men and women. However, I personally believed and like I would always say, the set back was brought about by our former party chairman, Mr. Adams Oshiomole. It was his own rascality that plunged the party into crises and subsequently loose election where we were formally the pride in Edo state.

The truth is, our defeat as a party in Bauchi, Zamfara and Adamawa hinges on the same attitude internally developed and escalated to force our loosing grip on those states. With the situation in Nigeria today, people are becoming keen watchers of political activities and when such internal entanglement began to raise its ugly head, it gives opportunity to external forces to begin to cash on the situation to pilot its dream and with little push establishes itself.

I need not to make mention of so many things that went wrong with our party in the states wherein we have lost elections. We narrowly escapee in Kano and Lagos as history will always recalled. It is time we take the party interest more seriously and above any individual interest. In the case of Edo, it was Adams Oshiomole's mistake to have open the party to a sucker punch. The mistake of attempting to remove a sitting governor all because of minor misunderstand that can be settled has thrown not only the party but also many individuals including himself (Oshiomole) from a graceful heavens to political bottomless pit.

Sad! But I am still very confidence as member of the ruling party looking at what the President Muhammadu Buhari did in respect of the Edo election by given everybody a level playing field. And also by congratulating governor, Obaseki after his declaration as the elected governor of Edo state. This demonstration of sportsmanship has further endear many party men to move shoulder high as progressive people. The President indeed has shown that, he is behind any Nigeria that chooses to be on the right page with his people.

Edo is done. We have ahead of us the election in Ondo. I believe we have learnt a good lessons from what transpire in the Edo election. Ondo should not fall in the hands of the opposition. If it happen again, we may have tougher times in the coming elections in this country. I hope that, it is time all our aggrieve members wherever they are particularly in Ondo are brought back into the fold by all means and to ensure they are assured of the party's support.

We cannot afford to loose Ondo state after what happened in Edo. We need every support from the national to the grassroot. What happened in Edo was a sad and bad experience for our party and it was not as a result of lack of appreciation from the electorates but this was as a result of political rascality and lack of wisdom in approach to political matter and governance. For a political god- father to succeed, he must also play his party by allowing some air of support to his political god-son.

The finger that has pointed to the Edo way must be cut-off in our political space because power is power and those handling it are becoming more and more bold in the way they used it. Respect begets respect. That is my candid advice for those who thinks they have the monopoly of control. The political space has brought many examples and only those who follow instructions will survive it. Edo is no longer in our grip, but must we allow Ondo to go the way of Edo?

In as much as we believe that, politics is about addition to maintain strength, we must make the move to keep a balance so that our relevance can continue to speak after Ondo and beyond 2023.

Yusuf Adamu writes from Maiduguri