How A prostitute Planned theft of her client’s car While Attending To Him — Suspect

By The Nigeria Voice

A 30-year-old man, Francis Chukwu, has accused a 25-year-old prostitute, Stella, of orchestrating with him and two others to steal her client’s car moment after engaging in a sex romp with him. According to Chukwu, it was Stella that came up with the idea to steal her client’s car.

When her client, John Simon, discovered the car was gone, he told Stella and she joined him in searching for it. And even followed him to the police station to lodge a complaint.

Nobody was more shocked than Simon, when he heard that his darling Stella, who he said was his regular prostitute, was behind the theft of the car. Incidentally, the car doesn’t belong to Simon.

Stella and her partners in crime were arrested by operatives of the Force Intelligence Response Team for masterminding the stealing of the 2014 Toyota Camry saloon car.

Simon brought the car to a popular brothel at New Nyanya area of Nassarawa State, where Stella operates.

Police said that Stella invited two of her male friends, Chukwu and Dodo, into her room when she knew Simon was drunk and had fallen asleep. They stole the car key and made away with the car to an unknown destination.

The Police said: “Simon, who is a mechanic, working in the Lafia area of Nasarawa State, was contracted by a car dealer to deliver the said car to its car stand at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. But Simon decided to spend the night with Stella, whom he has been patronising for a year. When Simon woke up, he discovered that the car key and the car were missing. He reported the theft of the car at the New Nyanya Police Station, where he was subsequently detained along with Stella. The lady, however, denied knowing anything about the stolen car.”

Stella, who is from Kastina-Ala area of Benue State, said she’s married with two children. She disclosed that her husband ran mad since 2015 after he applied and went to acquire a university degree.

She said: “He killed one of my children, so my people took me back. When one of my friends learnt that I was unemployed, she invited me to her base in Nasarawa State. I knew she’s a prostitute before I went over to join her. This was in November last year. I came to the Bonny Hotel and stayed there from November till date. Our job is to hustle, using the hotel as our base.”

She further stated: “I’ve lost count of the number of men I have had sex with. But in a day, if the market is good, I get up to eight men. We don’t have a particular amount we charge. Amount you charge and collect depends on your bargaining power. I can have sex with a man for N500, if there are no customers, especially during this coronavirus period that customers are scarce.”

Recollecting her encounter with Simon, Stella said: “On that fateful day, Simon saw me hanging outside, waiting for a customer. He told me to call his friend Junior and they were outside till 10pm. He later called me, saying I should join them. He took us to an Automated Teller Machine point in Maraba and withdrew some money. After withdrawal, we returned to the brothel and sat outside till 12am. I told him I wanted to go and sleep because I was catching a cold. He told me he wanted to have sex with me that night. I resisted, but since there was no customer, I obliged him. At about 1a.m, I heard someone knocking on my door. I ignored the knockings, but the person persisted until I had asked to ask who it was. He said it was Francis, Dodo’s friend. I opened the door and explained to him that I had a guest. He then asked me if I had water, I said no.

“He pleaded with me to help him to collect water from the bar. I locked my door and followed him. I locked my door because I knew bad boys might come and raid my room. Simon was still awake, but lying down. I came back and we slept. In the morning, our landlady knocked on my door, asking for my N1,500 levy. We normally contribute N1,500 every month to settle security men.

“When I got up, I discovered a hole in my door was opened. I normally used a cloth to block it. I was sad that people, who like peeping when I’m with customers, were no longer satisfied with using the window. I never knew that something had happened. It was when Simon finished bathing and asked for the key that I realised someone had accessed my room through that hole. We stepped outside and discovered that the car was no longer where it was parked.”

She and Simon ran to New Nyaya Police Station, to lodge a complaint. Both of their statements were taken and then they were detained. She said: “The Police said I should give them Francis’s phone number, but it was Dodo that led Francis to my door. Simon is my regular customer and we agreed that he would pay me N3000 for that night. He has driven me in that car several times.”

Chukwu, who had been singing like a bird since his arrest, said: “We were four, including Stella, that planned and stole the car when the driver came to the brothel. We planned to make it look as if Stella was innocent, which was why I pretended I wanted water on that fateful night. She followed me out while others opened the door and took the key. Stella is a nice girl and one of the best prostitutes we have in that area. She was the one who told us Simon was drunk, that we should make an attempt. I came to her door and knocked. When I entered the room, he was awake, but just lying there. I then took Stella away with the excuse that I needed water. Dodo and Ezekiel took the opportunity to collect the key. They gave the car to a buyer, who is on the run now. Boys hang around the brothel to steal from careless customers. Immediately some of them slept off, we will enter the rooms and rob them.”

The owner of the vehicle wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed. When the Police in Nasarawa State were foot dragging on the case, the IGP ordered IRT Operatives, led by a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, to look into the matter.

Narrating his story, Simon said aside from being a mechanic, he was also a driver. He explained: “My customer called me to drive his car to Abuja. I decided to go and relax a bit with my favourite customer, Stella. I’ve known her for a year. We stopped at a bar and had a drink. I was with one of my friends. We went to her place and I didn’t know when someone entered her room. I saw her when she left, but I didn’t bother to get up. She came back, mounted me again and we had aggressive sex, after which I slept off. I never knew when the guys knocked again. It was when I woke up that I discovered the car key was missing. I reported the matter to the police station, but I was arrested. Anytime I need Stella, I can give her N1500. This was my plan; the N3000 was just to encourage her to spend the night with me.”