Reopen The People's House Now!!! Edo State House Of Assembly

Source: Prof. John Egbeazien Oshodi
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Prof. John Egbeazien Oshodi

Let all the legislators return to the legislature together and perform their legislative duties. Governor Obaseki must stay away from the 24 law makers as the legislature is an independent arm of the government.

This is not really about the 24 names it is morally, electorally and legally about the electoral constituents who sent them.

At a sensitive time like this I strongly pray that the issue of impeachment does not arise as the election day is almost here.

The recently announced Speaker and the already announced Speaker should withdraw their titles and let the house revote.

There is no way they can continue to meet in different latrines or kitchens or hotels when there is the people's house whether under real or fake repair let them move in now.

Governor Obaseki I understand your bitterness but you can't successfully fight the Constitution in the coming hours or days. Obaseki you must not put the lives of the citizens( your ardent supporters) out there under fire or risk.

Sir, you must tell them don't disturb the legislature. Sir, listen less to any external influence at this time. Talk and listen to self now.

We have laws not even the President or the court system can interfer with the constitutional authority and duties of an independent arm of the government: the legislature which is actually stronger than the executive and judiciary. Obaseki, Sir stop it.

Take my indirect psychological cousel. Just stop it. Relax. This is not good for your spiritual, emotional and mental health.

This is my psychological prediction should Obaseki continue to interfere with the legislature he risk Constitutional crisis and he risk personal and official headaches with no immediate reduction.

So I say as a son of the Edo State I say sir, calm down or the headache will get worse. I beg you sir. Calm down.

This is not about Adams Oshiomhole or others it is about the Constitution. Period.

Mr Okiye should use his independent power to ask for the inmediate clearance of all the work repairs materials or put them aside.

We are not a nation of goats. This open assault on the descent people's legislative house within our great historic Benin Kingdom must stop now.

Reopen the house in the next few minutes or hours. Sir. Our brother Obaseki I am on my knees.

Prof John egbeazien oshodi is an American based forensic/clinical/legal psychologist. Founder of psychoafricalytic psychology. [email protected]

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